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Development of a Chatbot for Bolt. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


This article should also be combined with the content of the small class of the lecture. This is the content of the make-up exam. The media net fail that I chose before was dropped, so the instructor said to choose another one.
Don’t forget the excel, this essay includes the excel, it means I need updates two works. Thanks


You need to write a Project that is different to your last one, 1500 words for the sit/resit. So, have a look at the Assessment Handbook to see what topics can be covered, and what Technology you can choose to use in your project. 
Each student must develop a Project Plan. 
● To do so, first, they choose one of these project topics by Workshop 03: 
1. Organizing a conference/exhibition/training event about some business information technologies 2. Developing a business information technology product (e.g., a software/an app) and bringing it to the market 3. Deploying (via building or buying) a new business information technology in an organization to transform their operations 4. Changing the culture/perceptions/behaviours regarding a particular business information technology in a society/organization 5. Using business information technologies for social/humanitarian purposes. 
● Then, they specify the project topic further and develop a detailed project plan. 
● Some business information technologies that could be used include but are not limited to: - Artificial Intelligence (AI) including voice recognition, speech, chatbot, image and video processing - Mobile apps on productivity, healthcare, etc. - Consumer products mass customization (printing name on shoes) - Internet of Things (IoT) – Connected everything - Data Analytics (small or big data collection and processing) - Geospatial – location trackers such as GPS, RFID, barcode scanners - An enterprise-wide system (e.g., an ERP) - Virtual reality 
- Robotics and automation - Retail technologies (interactive ordering touch screens, finding the best clothing fit)
PRJ as Sit/ Resit/Alternative Assessment 
● The description of this assessment is very similar to your Assessment 2 (Project Plans), except for its word length, which is  ○ 1500 words for the sit/resit of PRJ (50%), and  ● As for your project plan’s topic, you should pick a topic that is clearly different from the one that you have used for your assessment 2 (e.g., if you were developing an app, you cannot select that topic again). ● The description of this assessment is very similar to your Assessment 2 (Project Plans). ● To prepare your project plan, you should briefly complete and include all seven Project Chunks covered in the module. These project chunks are available throughout the PowerPoint files of workshops slides available on Canvas. ● To succeed, make sure that your project plan covers all chunks, and for each chunk include only the most important things and avoid wordiness. ● To simplify some of these Project Chunks, use this information: ○ Stakeholders: Limit the number of stakeholders to 3. ○ Scope/Schedule/Budget: Include a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that comprises 3 deliverables and a total of 10-12 work packages and use these as the foundation for the schedule and budget analysis. ○ Risk: Discuss 5 risk factors and plan risk response for one top risk ● The word count excludes reference list and the text in tables. The length of the submission can go 10% either side. ● You should provide references to the articles, books, and other sources of information that you use. ● Check your assessment timetable for the deadline. ● This will be an E-submission, you must submit one file that merges the project plan and its appendices (WBS, Gantt chart and cash flow analysis, budgeting details). You should merge everything into one PDF file and failure to do so in unacceptable. ● The same criteria as Assessment 2 will be used to mark your project plan, considering the length difference and the allowed Project Chunk simplifications explained above. You can use it as a checklist to make sure that you have covered the key things that project chunks ask for.


Development of a Chatbot for Bolt
Student Name
1. Project Introduction and Justification
* Project Introduction: Describe the Project
The project seeks to develop a chatbot for Bolt. A chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation with a client (Adam, Wessel and Benlian, 2020). A user can have a chat with a bot in natural language through messaging apps or websites. In a world where companies endeavor to meet the needs of their customers, constant communication is critical. The chatbot under development is meant to stimulate interactions between individuals, hence enhancing customer experience (Toader et al., 2019).
* Project Introduction: Describe the parent organization of your project
The parent company to the project is Bolt. The Estonian transportation platform offers a range of services from ride-sharing to food delivery. Bolt (then called Taxify) was founded in 2013 by Markus Villig. 

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