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Assignment Title: Reassessment Individual Assignment (Essay Sample)


This resit assignment is to address the following two questions:
“What would an HR Manager need to investigate, understand and advise upon in a process of due diligence, when a Merger or Acquisition is pending ?”
“What should the HR function do to assist and encourage Line Managers so that the implementation and application of HR procedures, processes and people management skills does not create employee relations issues?”


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Executive Summary
The human resource (HR) department plays a very crucial role in the management and optimal use of human resources in the organization. The role of HR managers and line managers in managing human resources can never be undermined. HR managers play an important role in the issuance of directives to the line managers and ensuring that they achieve the intended goals. On the other hand, line managers are central in the implementation process of the directives from the HR managers as they are deal directly with the human resources available to the firm. However, their roles can extend beyond these mere responsibilities because they are involved in the implementation of policies and this could prove to be vital. This paper comprises of two major sections. The first section offers an in-depth analysis on the functions of the HR manager in a merger or acquisition. The second part discusses HR functions that line managers can participate in so without disruption of the HR procedures, processes and people management issues.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc14952635 \h 21.0 Question 1: The Role of Human Resource Managers in Various Capacities PAGEREF _Toc14952636 \h 42.0 Question 2: Human Resource Function with Line Managers PAGEREF _Toc14952637 \h 11Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc14952638 \h 18
Human Resource Managers and Line Managers
1.0 Question 1: The Role of Human Resource Managers in Various Capacities
Change is the only constant in the contemporary business environment. The changes are a necessity as every other business needs to survive and grow. Furthermore, they want to have a dominant market position, adaptable, flexible, profitable, and to be efficient. While firms in some industries may opt to move to new markets to achieve growth and expansion, other will seek to work with relatively smaller firms that are considerably stable or else launching or developing new products (Schuler & Jackson 2002, p.1). The global environment is establishing new patterns where companies find it difficult to achieve their objectives or face competition without the use of deals that lead to acquisitions and mergers.
The former refers to one firm buying another one and consequently, managing it consistently relative to the acquirer’s needs. On the other hand, mergers refers to two firms coming together and eventually creating a new entity (Arora 2010, p.74). The accomplishment of these two does not out rightly translate to success of the result. While many in transition team will place greater focus on the operational, financial, and legal elements of the procedure, failure to acknowledge the role of the human resource (HR) component can result in the failure of the entire result (Rodriguez-Sanchez, Mora-Valentin, and Ortiz-de-Urbina-Criado 2018, p.1). This paper focuses on the role of a HR manager as a vital member of the transition team who is mandated with providing due diligence on the profound HR issues that need to be addressed in mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
M&As is a very challenging issue that HR professionals find difficult to faces and at times are unable to meet the expected standards. The professionals have to be up to par with employment law issues and even above that, critical people issues such as cultural alignment, talent retention, employee communications, and leadership, which are very essential for the success of the company (Abugre 2014, p.3). Also, these aspects define the ultimate merit of the transaction and elevates the perception of the bus...

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