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Will English Continue to be Dominant Globally by 2050 (Essay Sample)


The essay needs to have an introduction and a conclusion. it must be correctly cited with Harvard referencing. each citation must have page numbers as well. I am a UK student. it must pass turnitin.


Will English Continue to be Dominant Globally by 2050?
English. Those who speak it as their first language all over the world are about 380 million. About two thirds as many people in the world speak it as their second language. While about a billion people are learning it and a third of the global population are currently exposed to it, it is predicted that by 2050, about half of the world population will be proficient in it. Critics argue that is is a language of globalization because it propagates international politics, business and diplomacy (Johnson, 2009, p. 1). English is the language of the internet and computers. In Cote D'Ivoire, you will see posters written in English while in Tokyo, you will be hearing it in pop songs. In Iceland, you will hear English songs. In Bolivia, it is the language of expression in cabinet meetings. Interestingly, it was regarded as the language of the ‘low people' in England during the 12th century AD (Johnson, 2009, p. 1). This paper looks into the possibilities of English being a dominant global language by the year 2050.
The Historical Context of the English Language
The origin of the English language dates as far back as the 5th century AD. In those days, the English arrived in England from northern Europe and with them brought the English language. Ever since, the language has moved widely. Immediately it arrived in the 5th century, it soon spread in all the British Isles (Crystal, 2003, p. 29). It penetrated the traditional home of the Celtic languages and entered Wales, Cumbria, Cornwall and Southern Scotland 1066, the Norman invasion took place and many nobles who were residing in England left for Scotland. Since the nobles were welcomed in Scotland, English was able to spread spread in Scottish lowlands.
English initially spread through conquest and later through being in the right place at the right time. It is used in the worldwide media, international relations, education, international travel and in communications. A 2004 report by the British Council estimated that about 2 billion worldwide would start learning English in the next decade and that by 2050, over 3 billion individuals would be speaking English all over the world. The main force behind this prediction would be economic interests. There would be an increase in bilingualism and multilingualism and according to the report, Chinese, Arabic and Spanishwould also become increasingly spoken (Wardhaugh, 2006). But critics have argued that English is set to lose its lackluster and be overtaken by Chinese language by the year 2050. According to Fair Languages (2015, p. 1), English will be overtaken by the Chinese as the world dominant language. Many linguistics have argued that English will take the third position after Chinese and Spanish in that order. The fourth and fifth position will be taken by Hindi-Urdu and Arabic respectively.
In 1607, the first English settlement in America took place at Jamestown in Virginia, North Carolina, which was so named after King James and ‘Virgin' Queen Elizabeth I (Crystal, 2003, p. 31). In Canada, the first English language contact was in 1497 when John Cabot reached Newfoundland. However, English migration had to wait till a century later when fishing, farming and fur-trading industries attracted English settlers. Later more English immigrants from Ireland, England and Scotland moved to Canada. By 2001, it was claimed that over two-thirds of Canadians were English speakers. However, most immigrants in Canada had come from America after its declaration of indepence in 1776. Today, many British inhabitants identify a Canadian accent as American while Americans identify it as British. In the Carribean, the English language spread as a consequence of the importation of the African slaves ...
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