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Religious Fundamentalism (Essay Sample)

HI,thanks for writing for me please write very high standard really importand to rference perfectly and no plagiarism as this was mainly the reason why i faild couple of my orders ... Note you are NOT to analyse the textbook or any of the e-readings. 2. At the top of the first page of your tutorial paper, identify the reading you have selected. ( religious fundamentalism ) - Provide the full and correct bibliographic citation in Harvard, in-text style. - If you are unsure about how to do this, follow the models in this Unit Guide. - Mistakes with incorrect referencing are particularly common and this assignment seeks to instil good study and writing habits. 3. In the first half of the paper, identify and describe the main argument presented by the author in the reading. - NB. Several arguments may appear in most of the articles. You need to work out what the main argument is, that is, what is the overall ‘story' that holds the article or chapter together? - A good question to ask yourself when you are trying to work out the main argument is ‘why did the author write this article'? Another useful question is ‘what is the meaning of the article's title or heading?' 4. In the second half of the tutorial paper, evaluate the main argument or on any of the arguments presented in the reading. Think about the following questions: - Is the argument convincing? (Say why or why not). Is it at least plausible? AIP116 T3 2012 assessment 2 - What are the implications of the argument? (If the author were right, what consequences would proceed from this? What political institutions or practices would have to change?). - Is the reading useful or relevant for explaining anything else? For example, does it cast any new light on the conduct of politics in the present day? In the preparation of your evaluation section, you will find it useful to determine the ideological allegiance of the author. Think about what aspects of this ideology are reflected in the reading (such as in relation to social vision, human nature, theory of history and society and theory of knowledge). In your view, what problems are there with the ideology adopted by the author? Are any of these evident in the reading? What ideologies are critical of that of the author? Are any of these criticisms applicable to the reading? Here is the subject : Religious Fundamentalism (4 readings) Milestones along the road (opens in a new window) Sayyid Qutb Qutb, S [1964], ‘Milestones along the road', in eds T Ball and R Dagger, Ideals and ideologies. 7th edn, Pearson Longman, New York, 2009, pp. 457–60. Standing strong in a confused culture (opens in a new window) James Dobson Dobson, J [2002], ‘Standing strong in a confused culture', in eds Ball and Dagger, Ideals and ideologies. 7th edn, Pearson Longman, New York, 2009, pp. 175–82. The neglected duty (opens in a new window) Abd Al-Salam Faraj Faraj, Abd Al-Salam [1982], ‘The Neglected Duty', in eds Ball and Dagger, Ideals and ideologies, 5th edn, Pearson Longman, 2004, New York, 465–71. Why we are fighting you (opens in a new window) Osama Bin Laden Bin Laden, O (2002), ‘Why we are fighting you', in ed R Ibrahim, The Al Qaeda Reader, Doubleday, New York, 2007, pp. 197-208. source..

Religious Fundamentalism
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Fundamentalism is described as a western concept which is being misused and misunderstood. The fundamentalists are not always violent but fundamentalism if virtually all religions are a demonstration of a push back against outside obligation and profound fear of extermination mostly at the hands of modern secularists. There is a vivid separation of religion and politics to the western culture which is not common in other cultures.
The relation of religion and politics was violent historically in the western culture; other cultures have not had a time to secularize, which has resulted to negative consequences with respect to secularism. Cultures that allowed the phenomenon of secularism to take place at own pace had positive outcomes (Faraj, 1982). This is depicted by the Egyptian Nasser’s regime whose idea was to separate religion from politics. This became violent leading to many members of Muslim brotherhood to rot in prisons. This calls for the need to understand the outcome of certain actions toward religious movements.
The feeling that the fundamentalist groups are under attack enhances it to be stronger and acquire more influence, thereby retreating from outside world to create a world into itself that have own education system raising tension (Qutb, 1964). Religious fundamentalism is thus; a literal interpretation of the scripture that is influenced by revives who believe the Holy texts are inerrant, framing it with respect to modern economic and cultural changes (Dobson, 2002). In order to reframe these challenges, conversations is used to clear the misconception especially on Islamic religion which is perceived as being a violent religion. The narrative about religion is reaffirmed with more ...
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