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Raymond Williams and the culture of televisual flow. (Essay Sample)


PLZ BEFORE 6th May THX! Raymond Williams notes that the development of diverse media can be considered ‘at once incentives and responses within a phase of general social transformation’. Do you agree? Illustrate your argument in relation to radio, film, or television. At least 7 academic references in the article


The development of diversity in media has become more apparent with the advancement of technology. With new innovations, society has been more connected through media and the dissemination of information has become more convenient. Information and news update about revent events in any parts of the world has become accessible anytime throughout the day. On the average, an American spends 20% of their time in a day by watching television (The Nielsen Company, 2010). Since 1950s and 1960s, significant changes has been observed among the various areas of media. The development of diversity in media has become more apparent with the advancement of technology.
In Williams’ Television: Technology and Cultural Form, he mentioned that the diversity in media can be considered as “incentives and responses within a phase of general social transformation” (Williams, 1974). The unpredictability on the development of technology is highly emphasized by Williams, claiming that techonology will keep on progressing but argues that this advancement would depend on the influence of the social context from where it will develop. He believed that technology won’t improve on it’s own, taking a particular shape but rather, advancement of technology arises from the capacity of such technology and the needs of an individual or group of individual. These opposing views about technology and society is a real debate between which side would outweigh the other. Observing how technology advanced for the purpose of the betterment of the society nowadays, I agree with Williams’ claim.

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