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Interesting reading Stephen's book (Essay Sample)

********** WRITER Ernie ONLY *********** ********** WRITER Ernie ONLY *********** Write a 3,000 word personal response to Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Do not review or critically analyse the book. Do read the example below to gain some guidance regarding a possible approach. You must provide a personal response to the book's ideas which have particular interest to you and your professional experience. please look at the example in the attached file and also I attached the book. Be aware there is a penalty of plagiarism and I have to put in turn in source..
It has been interesting reading Stephen’s book; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People just when power and authority is the thing every one desires in this world. I would agree with Stephen’s high ambitions to counter his time management problems while at the same time looking out for his teenage son. Stephen has experienced life for a very long time as he says and I tend to concur with his ideologies in this book. Like the fact that some of his feelings are shared by some of the other readers is also true. However, I find it just impossible how he would find enough time to attend to many courses on time management courses and still complain of the lack of time. Parenting is a responsibility and he has to deal with it.
Response to Stephen Covey’s; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen has settled to setting his career goals, and unfortunately grumbles about how this is affecting his personal relationship with his family. This fact is shared by everyone who is in the job market and he has to find a way of making it work for him. He has said that he set and met his career goals thereby “having a tremendous professional success”. But this came at the cost of his personal life and most importantly family life. It reaches that point in time when and I agree with him when you ask yourself and he also rightly did if it’s worth all the success. Does someone has to work hard succeed in life at the expense of his or her family?
This fact tells us something about what to expect in life as we struggle to achieve our goals and also that sensitivity is important since if that aspect is lost the relationship in Stephens’s family would not exist even a bit. I have to agree with the book on that part. I am impressed by Stephens desire to assist his son to be both a perfect student and an athlete although the son is a bit hard to understand. Finally, it all comes to how one perceives issues that the parents get to know their son better. Their responsibility as parents was put to task in psyching him up for success in life. Together with his wife, Stephen worked on their attitudes as well as their son’s putting emphasis on the positives thereby encouraging the son to work harder even in simple things like holding the baseball bat.
Then in the midst of all this confusion they discover that they have to let their son to handle things on his own. Some of us just need to be broadcasted out there and let nature find its toll on those we care for a while at the same time praying hard for them. Whether we have to seek Gods divine intervention if we want to achieve something so badly we can as advised by Stephen, think through problems deeply and pray always. It is through this practice that Stephen and his wife were able to see the potential of their son and let him grow at his own pace. It helped them relax as their son’s own personality emerged. This shows that being religious and having the zeal to request Go...
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