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Personal Media Industriology: Unce Drew (Essay Sample)


Details of task: Select a media text or a popular cultural text that you relate to (eg. a TV program, a film, Youtube clip, radio podcast, computer game, a sports event, vlog, social media post, a popular song, a website, a news source, a magazine or zine, a popular musician or band). Investigate the industrial conditions of how this text is produced. How does this media text affect the qualities that have meaning to you?
In responding to this question, you should:
• Outline why this piece of media is significant to you, describing its qualities
• Research who owns the relevant infrastructure for this media text (eg. the TV network, games publisher or designer, film production studio, recording studio, radio station, television station, song writing, copyright, streaming services, social network site, etc)
• ‘Follow the money’ that is attempt to discover whether profits are generated from this piece of media and, if so, who receives those profits and how does it affect the audience
• Consider who has produced the piece of media and the support they might have received in doing so
• Reflect on how the industrial organisation of production might affect the qualities of the media text
Presentation requirements: Your work must
• be uploaded to Turnitin using the Submission Title '[my student ID number] [my family name]'
• be in a file named '[my student ID number] [my family name].doc/docx/rtf/pdf/html'
• be in a readable 12-point font
• have a margin of at least 3cm on all sides
• have numbered pages
• follow reference formatting requirements (see Moodle site for more information).
The topic has already chosen is : Movie (Uncle Drew), which influences my previous life, and foucing talk about this movie ' industry. Also please use simple language to do this assessment, thanks alot!


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Uncle Drew is an American sports comedy film directed by Charles Stone III and it was written by Longino jay in 2018 (Stones II 2018). Kyrie Irving is the movie starling alongside with former MBA players as well as former WNBA players. Lionsgate released the movie on 29th June 2018 in the United States and was coupled with mixed reviews from critics who praised the performance of the cast while on the other hand referred to the screenplay and direction of the movie as formulaic.
Uncle Drew movie is the comedy of the summer where Kyrie Irving identified as the Uncle Drew is an ankle-breaking sensation in the film which brings the heartfelt moments, laughs and valuable life lessons at the forefront. It's a rarity to hear people raving over basketball movie. However, Uncle Drew is a rollercoaster hysterical comedy ride mixed with a heartfelt story about friends, family and the love of the basketball game. Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving) is a spectacular main character of the film alongside with Dax (Howery) who is deemed as the film most lovable character (Stones II 2018). Throughout the film, Drew emphasizes that our dreams aren’t too far off if we give it our all and most significantly have a heart. One of the diverse life lessons throughout the film is the Drews line "You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don't take". Implying that people fail terribly for not trying at all.
The film, directed by Charles Stone III features of a slew retired and active NBA players tagging along rising stars inclusive of Lil Rel Howery (Dax),Kyrie Irving, Chris Webber(preacher)Shaquille O’Neal (Big Fella),Reggie Miller(Lights),Lisa Leslie (Betty Lou) ,Nate Robinson (Boots), Erica Ash (Maya),Tiffany Haddish (Jess),Aron Gordon and Nick Kroll (Mookie). The individual character has a unique personality, own story and purpose. Notably, the movie is a spinoff of a popular comedy identified as comedic Pepsi ads which Irving, a Boston Celtics point guard, created to lookup older with glasses, white sweats and hair owned the responsibility of training younger basketball prayers and schooled them in streetball with his lunatic handles time after time. According to Wallin (2019),

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