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King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz (Essay Sample)

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King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is the current Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King of Saudi Arabia. He was born in Riyadh on August 1, 1923. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz took up the title ‘Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques` from the former King. The former King was known as King Fahd, who upon his death in 2005 was succeeded by his half-brother, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is now known as one of the wealthiest royals in the world.
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz was found to have achieved many things in different fields even in his younger years. While he was still a Crown Prince, he ruled over Saudi Arabia as a regent in 1996 to 2005. He became involved in social, educational, agricultural, economic, cultural, construction and industrial fields among others (Saudi Arabia Market Information Resource and Directory). He was also a prominent figure in strengthening the foundations and planning of the future of modern Arab, Gulf and Islamic works.
As the good leader that he is, King Abdullah bin Adulaziz was able to enhance the kingdom`s state in regional and international affairs in terms of commerce, politics and economics. The King is also known to be an ardent participant in regional, Arab and international affairs. Through his efforts, he was able to enhance local and foreign investments in Saudi Arabia above all.
As a testament to his efforts in international affairs, he moved for the formation of a general secretariat for the International Energy Forum. This was during an international gathering in Riyadh. His proposal included that the headquarters of the general secretariat would be established in Riyadh. The King`s proposal was approved and up until now, International Energy Forums have been conducted in Riyadh.
On a different note, King Abdullah also stood and still stands for international prosperity. He is one of the international leaders who have been lobbying on positive stands for world peace. For one, King Abdullah stood for Islamic and Arab causes. He proposed for an inclusive and justified resolution for the Palestinians in the midst of the chaos. He also extended aids to the Palestine people. His charitable projects have also extended to victims of world disasters.
Back at home, the King was known to realize and understand the necessities of his citizens. During one season of Ramadan, he paid a visit...
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