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Paraphrase (Essay Sample)

********** WRITER Ernie ONLY *********** I need to paraphrase this document source..
Running Head: PARAPHRASE
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((Just Paraphrasing the green color)) (( 800 – 900 words))
A- Description of filling storage silo 1: (max 80 words)
Material(s) inside a storage silo are conveyed using various methods. The use of belt conveyers or bucket elevators is common practice for the purpose of conveying crushed aggregate and fine sand particles or chemically treated sand. For conveying cement or fly ash, composed of very fine and light-weight particles, the pneumatic is used. Conveying processes are electronically regulated by automated sensors and simultaneously supervised by skilled and qualified personnel. This ensures that the flow rate of the concrete mixture meets customer demands.
B, c & d - What items are at the base of silo, how does the air slide operate and how is the flow rate controlled & what are the pipes from the tops of feed?
(max 450 words)
The storage and blending of unrefined cement takes place in the CF (controlled Flow) silo. Included in the system is appropriate kiln feed equipment and tools. These ensure that lowest energy levels and investment costs give way to a stable composition. In a CF silo, two criteria must be fulfilled in order to ascertain that high levels of consistency in the composition:
All raw materials must go through a persistent movement geared towards the outlets
The raw materials will be required to pass through the silo in the form of flow zones at varying residence times.
Outlets of the silo are equipped with a shut-off valve which facilitates complete initiation and termination of extraction, along with the ventilation of appertaining subsectors. These are maintained and assisted by the presence of slide gates. The materials pass through air slides to the kiln from the slide gates or to the blending tank placed on the load units. The process of extraction is initiated or terminated in lieu with signals from these load units. This keeps the material in the silo at predetermined levels. the FLS LOW system uses similar load signal.
Compressed air is normally taken from the central compressor at the plant. The liquidising air is supplied to the silo bottom by revolving blowers and distributed through valves, one for each subsector. The air supply system to each segment can also be made available through a filter, which purifies and cleanses the air and thwarts alien material from penetrating in case a pipe breaks inside the silo.
The air slide conveyer facilitates the conveyance of bulk quantities of fine-granined solids to a range of different locations from various angles, with minimal operational costs. Air slides are square shaped and made of steel; divided into two chambers by a scrape which acts as a tough and permeable membrane. The mixture in the silo travels through the upper chamber and simultaneously, air travels to the lower chamber. ...
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