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Paraphrase 24 (Essay Sample)

********** WRITER Richard ONLY *********** I want to paraphrase this attachment . please, I'd to receive it as the same style as the document above " in the attachment" source..
1. Screw conveyor’s advantage
The use of screw conveyor for moving heavy materials through an inclined path eliminates the problem of material movement up structures. In addition to efficiency, this approach uses minimal equipment at reduced conveying space.
Screw conveyors are applicable in conveying various materials. The choice of inclined screw conveyor in my design is based on its capability to elevate materials using the minimum possible equipment, thus less floor space requirement for the set-up. Here, the conveyor is to be used for conveying willow wood chips up into the furnace, situated some 5 metres above the ground.
2. Aim of the project
The main aim of this project is the designing of a screw conveyor for the elevation of willow wood chips from the ground bin into the furnace. The furnace to be fed with the material is 5 metres vertical distance from the ground.
3. Assumption
In the case of “energy from willow”, willow is a natural kind of fuel that can be used for the generation of green energy using a burning system. In this case, wood fuel heating system delivers hot water, the final product of the system, to Weobly School. The assumption is that an estimated 300 tonnes of fuel are used annually; the system is only operated during winter (4months); and chips delivery is twice a week. In addition, the burning capacity of wood is assumed to be 45 minutes at a conveyor speed of 15 minutes by hour. Lastly, the system is assumed to run 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday.
4. Anticipated special problems with this system
The designing process should take into consideration numerous potential problems.
Problem 1
With the screw conveyor’s angle of inclination above 25°, the design is marked with imminent conveyor efficiency loss. This problem has been attributed to two reasons:
a) At more than 25° inclination, the maximum possible capacity of the conveyor declines drastically.
b) On the other hand, there will be notable increase in the horsepower per capacity unit of the conveyor.
A. The design should that standard screw conveyor components are not used for inclines above 25°. Typically, they should be limited to inclines equal or below 15°.
B. It should ensure close clearance between the trough and the screw.
C. The incline conveyor speed should be set higher compared to that of same size horizontal screw conveyor.
D. Using short pitch screws, typically of 2/3 or 1/2 pitch, subject to the permissible specifications of the material to be handled.
Problem 2
Willow chips quality factors such as size, shape, moisture, and chemical composition will impact on the conveyor performance. Moreover, direct falling of the chips from the feed chopper risks choking the conveyor.
For this case, the willow wood chips are dry prior to storage in a concrete silo. Uniform-size cutting of the chips ensures their conveyance through the screw conveyor. To ach...
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