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Are New Wars A Form Of War Or Violence Without Borders (Essay Sample)


Am Studying an International Relations and Politics Degree.
The Module is Security, Terror and ‘New Wars' and the Essay Question that we need to Answer is
Are 'new wars' a genuine form of war or just violence without borders?
2,500 word essay that will be assessed on the basis of:
1. Scope of material covered.
2. Level of critical and theoretically informed analysis.
3. Clarity and coherence of written expression.
Reference should be Harvard style Northampton University


Analysis of New Wars
Student's Name
The experiences of the Cold War, in association with the increasing challenges of globalization, and also the introduction of mass destruction weapons, has led to the reinforced interest among experts and academics regarding warfare (Strachan, & Scheipers, 2011). The need to comprehend the manner that warfare is conducted within a globalised, modern and network-centred society after technological advances in weaponry has led to the increased analysis of modern warfare by experts. This paper will seek to determine whether new wars are only a form of war or merely violence without borders. It will also assess the logic and characteristics of new wars and the issues associated with new wars will also be evaluated.
Violent conflicts have been a central concern mainly in the field of international relations and political science. Most scholars have focused on describing, comprehending, predicting and trying to find ways of preventing violent conflicts (Berdal, 2011). As a result, the main challenge of experts has been to effectively identify the changes in patterns of violent conflict and also determine the relevance of the causes, nature and the effects of new wars. The qualitative changes associated with violent conflicts has led to experts determining such acts can now be identified as contemporary conflicts especially civil wars compared to earlier forms of conflicts that have impacted individuals on a global scale. Additionally, the new wars can be compared with earlier wars in regards to their goals, the methods of warfare and also the manner that they are framed (Kaldor, 2013).
The characteristics associated with new wars
New wars are linked with failures of the state and also societal changes that have been enhanced by globalization and liberal economic forces. This has led to the establishment of strong competition over illegal commercial opportunities and natural resources. Additionally this issue has led to the initiation of private military institutions and also criminal warlords in various regions. Each of these components is highly associated to political identity issues (Mueller, 2007). Ethnic and religious conflicts are also related to new wars. Civilian casualties and human displacement problems are some of the consequences of violent conflicts in various states such as Somalia since 1990.
Most civilians have started to be deliberately targeted as an objective of new wars. These include atrocities over some countries and this also leads to ethnic homogenization and both of these elements are the important hallmarks of new wars (Newman, 2004, pp.173-189). There has also been a breakdown of public authority which has blurred the difference between public and private combatants and also between civilians and combatants.
Literature concerning new wars has highlighted that various international effort and humanitarian assistance has been increased due to the instances of violent conflicts in some nations. The occurrences of internal warfare in some countries are associated to international interventions which have claimed to assit in the promotion of effective democracy and improvement of market structures (Newman, 2004, pp.173-189).
Analysis of the characteristics of new wars
Newman, (2004, pp.173-189) stated that the socio-economic context of new wars have been characterized by collapsed states and also nations with weak economies. Also, this is characterized by the existence of rivalries between illegal enterprises over natural resources.
Globalization is a significant component of the political economy of new wars. This process has also been the initial point that has led to the erosion...

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