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Transitional Administration in Bosnia: Bosnia (1996-Present) (Essay Sample)


You are required to write a review of this article. This review should be 350 words long and include the following: A brief summary of the main argument of the article: the strengths and the weeknesses of this argument, your own critical reflections in relaton to class discussions, other readings, other media, or other relevant resources Link: http://www(dot)polity(dot)co(dot)uk/up2/casestudy/Transitional_Administration_in_Bosnia_case_study.pdf

Course Title:
Transitional Administration in Bosnia: Bosnia (1996-Present)
The article examines how the western world through the Dayton Peace Agreement has tactfully undermined the growth of political culture in Bosnia. Further, the article highlights the ways in which the agreement has granted the Western world an avenue for extending its colonial policies in Bosnia. According to the article, the agreement provided the High Representative, who is a member of the international community, with excessive powers including, but not limited to, the power to dismiss elected officials and the authority to interpret the Dayton agreement. According to the article, such powers have resulted to the ousting of over 100 elected officials for various reasons (Transitional Administration in Bosnia, n.d).
One of the major reasons highlighted in the article is the failure of these officials to uphold the provisions of the Dayton Peace Agreement a reason that critics have argued is just used as an excuse to propel colonialism in Bosnia. The article concludes by noting that political progress in Bosnia has been slow largely due to international community shortfalls. Despite the fact that there are some notable developments, the progress is contrary to what was mapped in the Dayton agreement and the state remains highly fractured (Transitional Administration in Bosnia, n.d). The international community through Dayton agreement have made difficult to establish “…self-sustaining peace in Bosnia” (Transitional Administration in Bosnia, n.d)
Strengths and Weaknesses
The article provides an intriguing insight into the political affairs in Bosnia. One of the major strengths of the argument is that it recognizes the role of sovereignty. In this regard, the argument plac...
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