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Challenges of Translation. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


 the essay demonstrates some understanding of the topic discussed. You have a tendency of generalization rather than critical analysis. It
would be useful to avoid misleading or contradictory statements, to integrate a range of secondary sources or exemplification to support your argument and link your ideas and to avoid too many languages errors by proofread your own work. limited reference


Challenges of Translation
Translation is an essential practice that brings people from different cultures and linguistics closer together enabling them to view the world more harmoniously as different communities understand and appreciate. However, despite its value and necessity translation has its limitations. According to Mona Baker, the biggest challenge of translation is that “Languages are never sufficiently similar to express the same realities” (Baker, 1992, p8). Languages vary at all levels from simple words and expressions, a combination of words and phrases, grammar, textual level to cultural context. This paper looks into the challenges of translation in by highlighting the differences in languages at the word level, phrases, text level, cohesion and grammatical and lexical relationships, and cultural context.
Languages are not equivalent at the word level. Languages are not a set of standard concepts that can be translated from one language to another. A name in one language cannot replace a name for a concept another language making the task of translation or learning a new language a more complex task that it would be if such replacement were possible (Culler, 1976, p21-2). Concepts in one language may differ significantly from those of another. Languages are unique in the way they articulate and organize words. There no existing categories for languages but they articulate their own. 

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