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Climate and Climate Change (Essay Sample)


This essay should have separate brief introduction, Discussion and brief conclusion. Below are the questions asked and should be treated separately at least 500words each in dealing with the questions. Only journal papers and textbooks should be use. 1. Explain why adaptation to climate change is necessary and discuss how we might adapt urban areas to future climate change and extreme weather events. 2. Adaptation and mitigation should be a two-pronged approach to dealing with climate change. Discuss this statement, providing appropriate examples of both types of options. 3. Climate change could put millions of people at potential risk of food shortage. Discuss the impact of climate change on agriculture and the implications for food security.


Section 1
Climate change can be generally referred to the overall change in regional, continental or global climate patterns. These changes care normally very significant as they tend to have lasting impacts on the distribution of weather patterns over long periods of time ranging from a few to millions of years. Adaptation to climate change simply refers to the efforts that mankind is deploying in general to get ready for any future changes in climate. The efforts can be with the main objective of protecting the ecosystem from negative/adverse impacts that come along climate change or rather they can be with the aim of taking advantage of the benefits that the climate changes may bring forth.( White, J. C. (1991).
Explain why adaptation to climate change is necessary and discuss how we might adapt urban areas to future climate change and extreme weather events.
Adaptation techniques applied to respond to climate change are not new phenomena as it has been in place for ages throughout the history of mankind. Overtime societies have found it important to develop adaptation strategies to changes in environmental and climate changes. It has proved to be a worthwhile venture to invest in climate change adaptation strategies as they provide many benefits if they are done or implemented in the right way. (Davoudi, S., Crawford, J., & Mehmood, A. (2009)
Adapting to climate change is very crucial in modern day as over the past few years has proved to be so dynamic that the frequency and extent of changes cannot be easily predicted. That notwithstanding adapting to climate change is necessary as it enables appropriate actions to be undertaken to prevent or at least minimize the damage that is associated changes in climate. On the other hand climate change may come along with some benefits and thus adaptation measures may be fashioned in a way that exploits the potential advantages that are associated with the changes. In a nutshell it is worth noting that if proper measures are undertaken to enable effective adaptation to climate change it will on the long run save millions of dollars to world economies and at the same time save millions of lives that would have been otherwise lost due to the negative effects of climate change. (Davoudi, S., Crawford, J., & Mehmood, A. (2009)
Urban areas have implemented some techniques to deal with change in climate that may be characterized with extreme weather. Some of the techniques are discussed below.
Water resources
Since urban areas are normally characterized by dense populations, policies should be implemented that seek to improve effective use of water on top of that additional water storage facilities should be constructed to boost the current water capacities. Rivers and streams that run through the urban settings should be to maintain the quantity of water in those streams at the same time they should be safe guarded to ensure a hig...
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