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Plight of Women in Congo (Essay Sample)

This lesson is about Research skills and every one have to choose a methodology and I have chosen Oral History,and I need a too choose a topic as well and I would like it to be about:(Women's Oral History,but I have to narrow the subject about a particular subject,It should not be broad. one of the books I would like to be in the reference list is;(Women's Words)by:Sherna Berger Gluck, Daphne Patai The instructions that they gave us is:(The essay should analyse debates in the field,critical analysis of,and our reflections on the methodology.).THE REFERENCING SYSTEM:HARVARD. Take the order and message me with the topic proposal. source..
Plight of Women in Congo
It has emerged that over the years there are various undisputable call on how research are being carried out. There has been a constant increased quest to have research that is very relevant and authentic in tackling the emerging societal issues. Secondly, there have been calls to use research methodologies that will allow deeply interviewing persons deemed to be having wider knowledge on a given topic with reduced rate of Institutional Review Board checks. Lastly and more importantly, research methods that will be in line with the emerging technologies are also seen to be a requirement in his 21st century (McMahan & Kim, 1994 p 211). It is no doubt that oral history as a research methodology has been used in various fields and seems to meet these three desires.
By definition, oral history was coined to refer to the "the recording and preserving of planned interviews with selected persons able to narrate recollected memory and thereby aid the reconstruction of the past" (Charlton, 1985, p. 2). Additionally, it has also been deemed as a tape recorded interview in a question and answers manner. It is usually carried out by an individual who have more or some insights on the topic under discussion. Another attribute which is also south after by researchers is that interviewee have and do speak from a personalized background as he/she participate or directly observed what is being discussed bout.
The chosen topic is "the plight of women in Congo as a result of the recent conflicts;. As stated previously, to gain full insight on what happened in the past entails engaging those individuals that observed and or experiences the issue being discussed at hand. Just like any other calamities, war, ethnic conflicts seem to affect women and children mot as compared to other individuals in the society. It has been argued out that history is our communal recollection (Beckman, 2003, p. 32). The aptitude to exploit history and take out helpful sweeping statement and presumptions is unique to mankind. With no an evidence of the earlier period mankind is left to plot a course in life without the guide of those who preceded him.
Existing debate on oral history
It is evident that there are differences in views concerning oral history as research skills. Most of the arguments are based on the advantages and disadvantages. Concerning the issues relating to how women in Congo suffered as a result of the conflict, gaining insight by interviewing them will definitely be of significance. Considering the fact that there is need to bring to light information that is authentic, relevant and using methods that would incorporate new and emerging technology oral history is appropriate (Beckman, 2003, p. 31).
Women are the most vulnerable group when it comes to issues relating to conflict and those in Congo are not an exception. One major problem women face in the wak...
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