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Project Family Violence Website Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Hi I recently got an essay done it also has a project also , The essay was on family violence. They need a project also 1500 words


Part two: Assignment two (project 1500 words)
20% of overall grade
(Addresses L03)
This part of the assessment has two key components:
i Identify a website that serves as a resource for the specific area of violence you have discussed in the assignment.
For example: if you have chosen to explore domestic violence you could look at the Women s Aid website or a local refuge website)
2. Using the CARS evaluation framework (available on CANVAS) critically review the selected website and make recommendations as to how any gaps in this resource could be addressed.5HW011: Violent Societies, Violent lives. Marking Criteria for assignment One (the essay)
Number:Assignment section
An appropriate area of violence is selected and justified in a health and social care context


5HW011: Violent Societies, Violent lives. Assignment Two (The project)
Number:Assignment sectionAn appropriate website related to violence is selected and justified in a health and social care context
Identification and justification of CARS evaluation criteria
Evidence of application of evaluative criteria to website.
Some attempt to give appropriate recommendations/identification of gaps in resources.
ReferencingSubmission dates: Thursday May 14thBoth parts of the assessment (the assignment and the project) are due to be submitted onto CANVASResubniission date is Monday July 13th


Module Guide: (5HW011) Violent Societies, Violent Lives: Identifying the Public Health Response
| About | [ Content | | Teaching and Learning | fResources | | Standards^ | Assessments |_
Module Leader {^f-,ns Lyle ( •
Contact Information
2019/0 SEM2 Wolverhampton City Campus <UM1) |
Globally violence undermines health and costs lives. Violence has therefore been declared as a major Public Health issue. This module will identify and review the spectrum of violence from individual/interpersonal violence to global/organizational violence. It will consider the impact this has on Public health and how Public Health can respond to violence and support victims of violence.
Pre-requisite Modules Prohibited Module Combinations Learning Outcomes
L01 Demonstrate a conceptual knowledge of a range of theoretical perspectives that attempt to explain societal, cultural and interpersonal violence
L02 Apply theoretical perspectives of violence to a specific issue of violence within a Public Health context
L03 Identify and review available preventative and supportive resources that currently exist within a Public Health context


Family Violence Website
Student’s Name
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Family Violence Website
Family violence is a societal aspect that has received much attention from several concerned stakeholders. The list ranges from individuals, communal groups, non-governmental organizations, corporations and extends to governmental agencies. The heightened level of attention is predicated on the essence of the family institution as an integral element to the growth and well-being of the entire community. Family violence denotes “all forms of abuse that occur in familial relationships, whether it be physical, sexual, financial or economic, emotional or psychological, verbal, spiritual or involves the neglect of someone’s needs” (Tyysak & Saran, 2013, p. 2). Various sources have been used in the dissemination of related information including blogs, websites, journals, and books.

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