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Person-Centered Care Essay (Essay Sample)


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Person-Centered Care Essay
Person-Centered Care Essay
Currently, there is a need for person-centered care approach to people, especially the old age. The approach involves including the persons and their family members in deciding on their care needs. The person-centered care is different from other approaches as it put the patient at the center in the decision-making process. Therefore, in this work, I will discuss the views of the old age regarding their care needs and the possible plan that can be implemented to solve their problems.
The quality of health care services given to patients and their families depend on the quality of care planning and assessment as well as the level of person-centered approaches used. A person-centered approach is used to talk to people in a manner that is deemed appropriate to them to understand the outcome of the person’s wishes in their daily lives. The approach assumes that the persons are experts of their lives which make health professionals to work alongside them by considering their preferences, wishes, and the desired outcomes to boost their wellbeing.
The approach will be demonstrated by listening to the person about his health concerns and wellbeing. During the process, I will be in harmony with person to make him free to say his concerns. I will also show sympathetic understanding and provide a positive considering to his concerns. The process is effective in obtaining information from the person which will be used to design his treatment plan.
The old people are less motivated in life and they are physically weak which calls for quality care. Therefore, person-centered care will be beneficial in improving the quality of their services (Edvardsson, Watt and Pearce, 2017). Also, the process will help in developing, planning, and monitoring their care to ensure that their needs are met immediately as they have been identified earlier. The approach will also improve their self-esteem and reduce pressure on social and health services as well as ensure that their wishes are respected.
Critical Reflection of discussion with an Older Person
The person interviewed was an old individual of 67 years living within the town with his family. The person lost his wife and two children in a car accident when he was 40 years old which stressed him and was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The depression is further contributed by the experience of losing his best friends. He however described that he frequently falls which is contributed by physical exhaustion due to old age. He also spends most of his time alone and has dental and diabetics problems because of poor diet.
From the discussion with the person, I realized the old people are depressed and experience chronic diseases such as diabetics. Despite the challenges about growing old, it also comes with certain benefits such as being satisfied with the kind of life they live. People do have goals in life such as getting married, owning cars, achieving given levels of education, and raising their children properly. However, the old people do not have any goal in life and they are satisfied with their situation whether they achieved the set targets or not.
The person thinks of committing suicide as he believes he has achieved everything he needed in life. The suicidal thinking is also contributed by the painful moments he had in life and stress. However, he needs a person to take care of him to reduce the boredom he is experiencing. Therefore, he believes he has no goals and needs no support except to obtain the services of a caregiver which he believes is necessary for him.
Critical Review of Current literature
The key issues identified by t...

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