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Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressures Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Critically examine the literature around it, identify key themes, is there robust evidence based or opinion divided, does literature suggest cause and solution, what are the national and professional guidelines and to evaluate it.
multiple sources can be used when writing the essay please not just 1. thank you
I have just up loaded the assignment guidelines, hopefully that is clearer.
The file is called assignment guidelines
British english format not American as you have seen in the comments. I have uploaded the criteria needed.


Essay 2Coursework 2:
Select an area of anaesthetic care, examine the available literature to determine best practice and use this as a basis to critically analyse patient care in order to form an achievable plan of action for improvement. (3000 words)
[LOs 2 & 3)
SUMMATIVE (100% of grade)


Start with Learning Outcomes:
2. Critically examine a range of evidence to determine best practice in anaesthetic care practice.
3. Critically analyse an area of anaesthetic care practice appraising patient care and formulate an achievable action plan.


Select an issue from practice.• NOT a issue
Something you have observed...
Write down...
I have selected this issue from practice because I have observed...
What really annoys you...? Every day...?
What does the literature say?
• Best practice?


2. Analyse the issue..• What are the causes of this issue?
Why do patients arrive at your theatre in a hypothermic state?
Why do some theatres not do a proper time-out for WHO SSC?
Why does your theatre not do a de-brief?
Why is there variance in VTE prophylaxis with your patients?


Things to consider when analysing...’ Is there a local policy/guidelines?
Is it up to date?
’ Do staff follow policy/guidelines?
Why do staff fail to follow policy?
1 Are there National Guidelines?
Are local guidelines based on national ones?


3. Identify solutions.• This may not be possible...
• Do you need more information? Don't guess...
Do vou know where patients arc getting cold?
Do you know why staff are not following procedure?
Do you know why some patients present with TEDs and some do not?
Do you know why some patients starve themselves from previous day?
If you know causes then how can you fix problem?
If you need more information then how will you get the information you require?


4. Critically examine literature.• You have already identified some key documents.
Now carry out a full literature search
Identify key themes
Is there a robust evidence-base or is opinion divided?
Does literature suggest causes and solutions?
Interrogate literature -
Start: with National Guidelines
Next: Professional Guidelines
Substantiate with: Library Catalogue - Journals


Assignment Guidelines• Module Handbook:
Harvard Referencing
Marking Criteria
Header List & Check Page
Assignment Presentation
Electronic SubmissionDoes your essay meet Learning Outcomes 2 and 3?


The Name of the Class (Course)
Professor (Tutor)
The Name of the School (University)
The City and State where it is located
The Date
Intubation is a crucial procedure in the management of patients who need urgent and sustained critical care. Intubation is a way of providing artificial airway. However, there are a lot of pitfalls that negatively influence the role of intubation in healthcare; one such problem revolves around endotracheal tube cuff pressures whose lack of control can lead to health complications as a result of either over-inflation or under-inflation. Endotracheal tube (ETT) cuff pressure-related challenges include risk of aspiration, ventilated associated pneumonia, and tracheal mucosal injury and stenosis. There is an alarming concern on the concept of ETT cuff pressure despites its deleterious consequences when its evidenced-based practices are violated. This paper is a culmination of guidelines, protocols, and literature review, which provide a concise explanation of ETT cuff pressure concepts from diverse standpoints.
I find the research on endotracheal cuff pressure highly relevant because it touches on perioperative care and anesthesia, which are my areas of interest. I perceived the concept of ETT cuff pressures as a largely ignored aspect, yet it plays a critical role in ensuring better health outcomes for the patients.

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