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Traditional and Contemporary Chinese Classical Literature Education (Essay Sample)


Hi,this is one part of my dissertation.This part aims to talk about traditional and contemporary circumstance of Chinese classical literature education,you should give examples of the teaching condition,camparing the two,and pointing out what the merit and shortcomings of each circumstance,and giving some suggestions of future development of Chinese classical literature education.Here I will upload the first part of my dissertation ,so it could help you to handle the core thought of my dissertation and what it means.If you have questions,please contact me.BTW,you can simulate my literal style which I have uploaded.


Traditional and contemporary circumstances of Chinese classical literature education
Traditional and contemporary circumstances of Chinese classical literature education
Circumstances in the classical Chinese education system
2100-1600 BCE Xia (Hsia) Dynasty, 1600-1050 BCE Shang Dynasty and 1046-256 BCE Zhou (Chou) Dynasty: Western Zhou (ca. 1046-771 BCE), Eastern Zhou (771-256 BCE)
During the pre-Qin Dynasty era, the education system was relatively undeveloped. The literature available dated to this period is known as ‘the literature of earlier ancient times.’ the education system before and during these periods was largely informal but over the next centuries it became formal and evolved from simple to complex content based on documented literature CITATION Chi60 \l 1033 (Chinese Cultural Research Institute, 1960). Information was taught in informal setups in families and they passed it on to other generations. But during the Xia Dynasty, a new system of education in formal setup started to emerge. Formal schools were established known as the Xiao.
The Zhou era divided the schooling system into two, East XU and West Xu. East Xu was exclusively for the children of nobility while the West Xu was meant for children of the ordinary citizens. The Zhou Dynasty established more schools and later divided them into state schools and village schools. State schools were exclusively for the nobility and consisted of elementary and higher-level colleges. The village schools were divided into four, Shu, Xiang, Xu, and Xiao only exceptional students who satisfied their evaluation criteria got a chance of entering college. Academies started springing up in the kingdom and they were established by the emperor’s order. The educators lectured on the 100 Schools of Thought and some of the notable educators of the period were Tzu, Zou Yan, Lu Zhonglian.

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