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situation,problems,and solution essay about internet problems (Essay Sample)

Q:the internet has undoubtedly transformed modern life, creating new opporunities in the areas of work,study and leisure.However a number of problems have arisen as a result of this new technology. please, I need the resours from edu., gov.,or org websites. and the essay discuss two problems: internet addiction and hackers. source..
Running head: Internet addiction problem Name Tutor Institution Date Internet Addiction problem Many people enjoy the benefits of the internet especially for education, work and communication. The advent of mobile and broadband has given ease of access to the internet at any place and time. Internet has also become essential in many institutions some of which completely rely on it. However, there are many problems that have been associated with the internet. Signs of addiction The many hours people spend in the internet can be productive but for some people the use of the internet hugely interferes with their daily life, work and even relationships. Furthermore, when the use of the internet turns to be obsessive and at the expense of important aspects of a person`s life then it is an addiction. Some of the obsessive behaviors that are associated with internet addiction include relationships, money, information searching, gaming and cybersex. People spend excessive amounts of their time initiating and maintaining online friendships in chat rooms. These friends in turn replace the real-life friends and family. Some people also engage in compulsive online gambling, trading and auctions which block them from many other real-life activities. Young people are obsessively engaged in playing online computer games. In addition, there are adult chartrooms and cyber sex or pornography which is as well quite addictive. Lastly, there is the addiction to texting on mobile phones. Possible causes of internet additcion Just like any other forms of addictions many things can lead to internet addiction. Most people develop the addiction unknowingly but for others, the behavior can be triggered in reaction to an unpleasant situation in a person`s life. Events like bad marriage, dead end in job, or being unemployed are some but a few contributors. The addictive behavior acts as a lubricant to cope with missing unfulfilled needs which results from such unpleasant life events. It momentarily allows the person to forget problems. However these people revert to continuously spend time in the internet hence becoming completely addicted. Possible effects of addiction Those addicts consequently experience problems some of which are mentioned below. The victims may skip important life activities like meals, losing sleep and time for others things. They may also find themselves constantly rearranging daily routines and neglecting studies or other activities and responsibilities. For those schooling, the habit may drastically affect the academic performance. The victim may also have financial problems depending on the nature of communication such as dial up connection o...
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