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Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation (Essay Sample)

Hi, Q- Many people in the past did not go to university, and did not expect to go, but now university study is seen as normal practice. Government encourage more and more people to enter uni. Describe some of the problems that migtht arise from this e.g. (A)Possible reduction of quality in the teaching and learning environment, (B)the strain on infrastructure, (C)future employment prospects, (D)degree \'inflation\' (there may be other). Discuss some responnses that might be offered OR are being attempted(or proposed) in general, or in one country in particular, and provide an evaluation of these policies. 2 books sources & 2 internet sources. source..
Problems of Over Enrolment in Universities The number of students accessing higher education has increased greatly due to government encouragement by offering favorable environment for enrolment into institutions of higher learning. This increase in the level of enrolment has come with its challenges which cannot be overlooked. Increased access to higher education has led to the reduction of quality in teaching and learning environment. This is because of inadequate number of teachers. The shortage of teachers means that the school curriculum is not fully covered, and therefore, graduates do not get adequate skills to offer in the job market. According to Khan (2005) strain on infrastructure such as hostels, lecture halls, library and laboratories is a big challenge facing universities, especially in developing countries. The number of students attending a lecture at a given time is greater than the space provided for facilitation of the lecture (Chalam, 2005). As a result library and laboratory resources available cannot cater for the student population. This has led to overcrowding, leading to poor learning environments. Studies show that the large number students in a class makes the lecturers unable to make adequate assessment for students because of fear of pressure to mark a bulk num...
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