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The Success of the MeToo Movement (Essay Sample)


1. The content of the article is to study the movement of "METOO"
2. The requirements and structure of the article are in the photo, please read in detail
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5. The number of words cannot be less than 1800 words, and the number of words written in each paragraph needs to be written according to the photo.
6. have a PDF named "final essay use media , this is a example" this is an evidence, please use it in the essay.


MeToo Movement
Student Name
MeToo Movement
Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and has become a new tool in the way people address societal issues. The war on sexual abuse and harassment especially in workplace is one of the recent societal issue that has tapped into the power of societal media using the MeToo hashtag and it has yielded impressive results. The tweet was initially intended to see the magnitude of sexual harassment in the workplace when she sent it out but the power of cyberactivism snowballed to a global movement. Cyberactivism is a new kind of activism using social media tools and applications CITATION Rod14 \l 1033 (Sandoval-Almazan & Gil-Garcia, 2014). It is organic and decentralized and no particular leadership structure as with traditional media which can influence its growth and objective. According to CITATION Dun13 \l 1033 (Dunaway, 2013), the tone of campaign news stories in traditional media is determined in part by profit-making incentives and hence greatly influences how such a movement grows. Movements such as MeToo are not affected by such issues. The movement grew and evolved in a year whilst leading to many successful prosecution and conviction of hundreds of high-profile leaders in various industries whereby half were replaced by ladies CITATION Kat17 \l 1033 (Bennhold, 2017). It has sparked global push to revisit policy framework in many organizations to ensure that the workplace is free from sexual harassment. In many levels, the movement has been a success though sexual harassment in the workplace has not been rooted out. The success of the movement is largely due to social media and though the initial online presence has reduced, the movement has spread to different platforms and has since become organic and continues to cause change in many parts of the world.
The movement has sparked debates but to pull down the societal frames that fan the vice i.e toxic masculinity, the movement has to evolve and target other aspects of the society. The power of social media has empowered new demographic segment which wouldn’t otherwise be protesters to voice their opinions on societal issues. Sexual harassment stems mainly from gender inequality. This is the underpinning issue that has engrained the issue in the society. Hence, to tackle sexual harassment, any societal structure that enables it must be addressed. The society must be ready to have uncomfortable discussions on how to root it out. According to CITATION Ann14 \l 1033 (Macduff, 2014), without room made for disagreement and contestation, a robust notion of active citizenship is therefore undermined. Gender inequality is not genetic it is taught and any society that wants to root it out must walk the talk. It is taught often through subtle processes such as demarcating the toys for children which teach boys to be more aggressive and stand up to your self while girls are taught to be nice and read people’s feelings CITATION Eva18 \l 1033 (Cox, 2018). These beliefs are surefire to toxic masculinity and passive femininity which continue to drag the fight against gender inequality. Sexual harassment is just but the evidence of gender inequality and the MeToo movement has not fought the beliefs, cultures and other societal structures that enable them. There is still a long way to go to bring down these structures that continue to facilitate sexual harassment.
Since the MeToo movement started, there has been some change. High profile people have been arraigned in court for sexual misconduct and successful convictions achieved against them. CEOs and politicians have stepped down and many companies around the world have revisited their workplace policies to update it to reflect a new culture that is...

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