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Research Log. Communications and Media Assignment (Essay Sample)


Choose three of the following and write 500 words each:
1. From Week 1: Write a short reflective piece, drawing on Silverstone and other relevant literature, responding to the following questions:
a. In what ways can/do we study the media? Otherwise put, what kinds of approaches do we find in media studies?
b. What does rigour look like in media studies research ? Can we be ‘exhaustive’ in a media saturated world, or given what Silverstone calls the “the constant media mastication of everyday culture”?
c. How can we appraise or value one piece of media studies (and cultural studies) research against another? What research values do you think are important?
2. FromWeek2:Discusshowyouwouldpotentiallydefineandbuildupanarchive for one of the hypothetical research projects discussed in the seminar, including practical and ethical considerations.
3. From Week 3: Report on the activities and exercises in which you engaged at the Keep, the archival material you encountered, and any questions and reflections that the experience raised for you.
P5016: Researching Media and Communications Instructions and assessment criteria for assessment 1
4. From Week 4: Report on the steps you took to begin to take a political economic approach to a select piece of media, company or industry. What did you begin to find? What kinds of challenges did you encounter? How might you try to address these challenges if you were pursuing the research?
5. FromWeek5:Writeashortresponsetothefollowingquestionsinrelationtothe readings from week 5:
a. How are these pieces of scholarship examples of digital methods?
b. Are digital methods new and/or distinct, or do they consist of the application
of established methods to the digital?
c. What are the different ethical issues that arise in each of the research projects,
and how do these relate (or not) to the digital?
6. From Week 6: Report on the preliminary plan you began to put together to hold interviews or focus groups for your hypothetical project (e.g. who you would plan to include and why, how you would find and recruit these people to participate in your project, ethical and practical considerations), and give examples of the kinds of questions you would plan to ask them and why. Note: do not just include a long list of proposed interview or focus group questions.
7. From Week 7: Report on the preliminary thematic analysis of data that you conducted in the seminar. How did you find themes in the data? What were the different patterns you began to see emerging? Did you reach any preliminary analytic insights? Be sure to include any visual thematic maps that you may have begun to draw.
Please choose week1,3 and7


Research Log
Professor’s Name
Research Log
In weeks 1, 3, and 7, I learned a lot of things which helped me build my understanding of media and to factor in some of the comments of people like Silverstone. Aside from the above, these three weeks also greatly influenced my understanding of research and helped me understand how reporting works. Reporting here is in the sense of communicating results and finding ways to derive meaning from data or any piece of information. Therefore, I believe I have greatly improved and that I have grown as a student.
1 From week 1: Write a short reflective piece, drawing on Silverstone and other relevant literature, responding to the following questions:
* In what ways can we do/study the media? Otherwise put, what kinds of approaches do we find in media studies?

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