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Reflection reading Communications & Media Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


1. Please read the three articles I marked and reflect on and answer the questions and opinions in the first part marked in the screenshot.
2. Please answer the questions and reflect on the first part of the screenshot!!
3. Except for the first article I marked, which is necessary, you can choose one of the remaining articles.
4. Please see my screenshots and documentation!!!
5. Please find some articles online.


\Week 4: Gender roles across cultures: perspectives on gender and identity
Gender roles and identities can be a source of confusion and sometimes even conflict when they are poorly understood. The social sciences offer us tools that can help avoid such misunderstandings while exploring the variety of gender roles and identities that exists across cultures. In this lecture, we will explore some of the rich diversity of gender expression that exists among Muslim communities in various cultural contexts to help us appreciate the links between gender roles and the cultural assumptions they are built on. This lecture will also discuss the changes (and sometimes conflicts) that may occur when gender roles are challenged nd whether or not respect for traditional gender hierarchies in a community may perpetuate oppression.gnd^wneReadingsDavies S.G. 2007, ‘Hunting Down Love: Female Masculinities in Bugis South Sulawesi.’ In: Wieringa S.E., Blackwood E., Bhaiya A. (eds) Women’s Sexualities and Masculinities in a Globalizing Asia. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, pp. 139-157.Recommended ReadingsAnitha, S. et al. 2012, ‘Striking Lives: Multiple Narratives of South Asian Women’s employment, identity and protest in the UK’, Ethnicities 12(6): 753-775./Carbin, M. 2014, The requirement to speak: Victim in Swedish Policies against honour-related violence’ Women’s Studies International Forum, 46: 107-114.
Moreton-Robinson, A. 2000, 'Tiddas Speakin' Strong: Indigenous Women's Self-Presentation within White Australian Feminism' in Talkin' up to the white woman: Indigenous women and white feminism, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, pp. 150-178.Phillips, A.2010, ‘What is ‘culture’?’ Gender and Culture, Cambridge: Policy Press, pp.57-68.
Purewal, Navtej. 2013, ‘Girl Talk: Cultural Change and Challenge through the Eyes of Young Women in Contemporary Punjab’ in Son Preference: Sex Selection, Gender and Culture in South Asia.: Berg Publishers, pp. 108-116.21/07/2020 (Spring 2020)© University of Technology SydneyPage 4 of 12Takhar, S. 2011, The construction of political agency: South Asian Women and political activism’ Community Development Journal, Vol 46: No 3, pp. 341-350.Ramnarain, S. 2016. ‘Unpacking Widow Headship and Agency in Post- Conflict Nepal’, Feminist Economics, 22:1, 80-105



Gender Roles
Gender roles are social roles that involve a number of behaviours and attitudes that are considered appropriate, acceptable, and desirable with regard to the person’s biological sex. Gender roles are also referred to as sex roles. Understanding gender roles and identity poorly can lead to confusions and conflict in society. Gender roles in a society determine how people should dress, groom, act, conduct, and speak based on a person’s gender. In most communities, women are identified and expected to be polite, accommodative, and dress in a feminine way. On the other end, men are expected and identified by being aggressive, strong, and bold. Nevertheless, some people in the community develop characteristics that may neither be described as of men nor women. A good example is that of Dilah in the article written by Sharyn Graham Davies with the title ‘Hunting Down Love: Female Masculinities in Bugis South Sulawesi’ (Davies, 2007). From the story, Dilah did not perceive herself as either male or female. This is going to be discussed below together with the various gender stereotypes already mentioned in most communities that may lead to confusion in society and later cause conflicts.

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