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Multi Platform Communication Report Media Assignment (Essay Sample)


Please use some simple words and sentences. I just want to get level C or Pass. This article needs citing 4 academic articles. And a draft before May 24th. and the whole report due on May 30th. If u want more information u can log on 'Canvas insearch' 


Multi-platform Communication Strategy
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Multi-platform Communication Strategy
In this time of the internet expansion, it has become necessary for organizations and individuals to come up with a multi-platform communication strategy. This approach involves the creation and sharing of content across many platforms instead of focusing on just one platform (Doyle 2015, p.49). Thus, organizations and individuals are able to reach many people and sell them their ideas. The purpose of this paper is to provide a multi-platform communication strategy that builds and improves on the affordance of March for Our Lives (MFOL) community. MFOL is a not-for-profit organization and a global movement that was established on March 24, 2018, when a group of students led a demonstration in support of stronger gun violence prevention measures (March for Our Lives, n.d.). This movement is mainly made up of young people who want their voice to be heard and as such, the audience of MFOL is not only young people but also policymakers who have the power to bring the change being demanded by the movement. They have utilized a number of online platforms so as to reach as many people and create a huge impact in the fight against gun violence.
Current Platforms in Use
Currently, MFOL has an active official website where they have shared their ideas, mission, and involvement on the political platform in pushing for policy change in line with gun ownership and gun violence control. Other than the website, MFOL has made considerable efforts to utilize other platforms, which this paper will focus on.
Currently, the MFOL Facebook page has over 288,000 likes and over 305,000 followers (March for Our Lives, n.d.). Given this number of followers, it would be expected that content shared on their Facebook page will be shared widely by the followers, yet one of the most shared videos was only shared by 8,500 users. In addition, MFOL lacks a pattern and consistency in sharing of content on Facebook. At times, they can go for over a week without sharing a post and at other times, they can share more than one post in a single day. It is also evident that videos receive more comments than any other content shared on their Facebook page.
As of now, MFOL has over 450,000 followers on Twitter and about 3,000 likes (March for Our Lives, 2018). Since its start, this movement has also shared over 2, 600 Tweets. Given the number of followers, it is safe to say that Twitter has the biggest MFOL community. It is also the most active platform in the sense that MFOL not only tweets their content, but also retweet other contents that are in line with their ideas and vision. The retweeted content includes other tweets and news links on gun ownership, gun violence, and gun control policies.
MFOL also has a large presence on Instagram @marchforourlives with approximately 361,000 followers (March for Our Lives, n.d.). Since their beginning, they have posted about 223 posts. These posts were more frequent in 2018 and at the beginning of 2019 where they would post even more than once in a day. However, the frequency of posting has dropped and at times, they go for more than two weeks without updating their followers or sharing new content.
MFOL has a YouTube channel with approximately 7, 900 subscribers (Match for Our Lives, n.d.). YouTube is a good platform for sharing content that has specific messages. However, MFOL has poor engagement with subscribers and does not post content on this platform frequently. For instance, the last video was p...

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