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Individual Commentary. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Dear writer in this essay u need to write depend on our groupwork assessment(CD A2 Tutorial 20 Group 1 INFLUENZE, I will submit).
Please read the Communicating Difference_Assessment 3_Marking Rubric and Troubleshooting Guide Autumn( I will submit)
In this article need to write a part depend on Review to analyze disadvantages and advantages please read the teacher feedback(I will submit)and you can log on my UTS online to check
Student number:13023940
Password: will be provided
Subject:Communicating Difference
Ps. in this article need use 4 academic resources( u can log on my uts online find in the weekly reading part)


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Individual Commentary
Intercultural relationship development is an engaging exercise that requires a high level of research and exploration. Some scholars have proposed the need to establish a link between communication and psychology as a pathway towards developing this relationship. The relationship between communication and psychology draws from the social psychology concept developed in the 19th century as a part of experimental psychology that expounds on the limits of human perception and motor behavior (Hornsey, Gallois, & Duck 2008). The assessment two grant focused on how to utilize communication using a new app called INFLUENCE to boost the interaction between the Chinese and Indigenous communities. 

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