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Hollywood Referred To The Dream Factory Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


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Rear window
Rear window
Films have a wide audience and they have been integrated into the social cultures for the a long time. Starting out as the plays, films became a pedestal in the popular culture. They are an elemental part of conveying the culture of the place where they are being shot or the places that they indicate in the scenes. For example, if a film is about an African state, it will mimic the environment and the basic culture found in the specific part of Africa the scene is about. This is the same case if the film is showing scenes from an American neighborhood or one in Afghanistan. It is the duty of the directors to ensure they remain as authentic as possible (White, 2015). The scenes, music and the storyline that the director brings to the screen take the audience to the place in time when the film is shown. As a form of entertainment, the films form an escape hatch into a world of fantasy (TCM, 2017). By creating a surreal environment and a story that is captivating enough, the audience is lost in an environment where they can forget their real world and embrace the scenes along with the actors as they deliver a relatable story of their lives. This paper evaluates the success of the classical Hollywood cinema, with reference to the effects of the film, Rear Window, on the viewers. Many of the Hollywood themes are currently associated with the notion of a dream factory, through the use of visual aesthetics, star power and narrative clarity.
Daily life activities can be stressful, where one has to wake up early in the morning and deal with different stressful events from social to professional challenges. Through the events on a daily basis are emotions that have to deal with, such emotions as sorrow, anxiety and pain, among others. At the end of the day one is exhausted, however, there are still social and professional responsibilities that have to be dealt with. Watching a movie can help the audience to touch a dreamy ambience, mystery and fantasy (Lowry, 2017).
Much like reading a good book, watching a movie offers the audience a chance to get lost in the story of the movie as they follow the story of the actors and the changing captivating scenes. When watching a film, it is common for the audience to view the developments that are taking place in the scenes through the eyes of the actor. This is to mean that, as the film progresses, the audience get lost in the story through the element of relating at a personal level with the context of the film. Where the actors experience sorrow, the audience will also tend to feel sorry for them. This further means that the audience is likely to develop their own feelings associated with the events of the film. When a favorite actor in the film is subjected to humiliation or even painful ordeal, it is easy for the audience to connect with the emotions of the actors and feel sorry for them. And in most of the cases, the audience will tend to feel indifference towards the characters in the film that are subjecting the favorite actors to pain or humiliation (Lowry, 2017). This is to mean that, the audience has left their reality in their subconscious and are now interacting with the actors within the film in a fantasy approach. They now live the lives of the actors and even interact with the through the emotional connection that they feel towards the actors in question. None of the actors in the story are real and neither is any of the actions that are depicted in the story true (TCM, 2017). This is no exemption to the films that are based on real life stories. Whatever is happening in the film is not happening in the real life and as such is not realistic to get emotionally attached to the actors and the story.
More often than not, viewers will get emotionally attached to the film and the characters in the story such ...
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