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Contemporary PR Theory and Practice-Individual Essay (Essay Sample)


Dear, the introduction of this essay is in the guide, but only look at the component 3 which I have highlighted it. The essay should choose the Public Relations theories, concepts or models that are showed in the supporting documents which I uploaded. However, you can find more information of these theories through other sources by your own. Most of them are my online lecture's slides, so it should include all the main ideas which we have learned from this class.
We have an automatic similarity check system while submitting the essay, so please don't copy and paste sentences from the sources. Thank you!


Role of Public Relations Strategy in Crisis Management
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Role of Public Relations Strategy in Crisis Management
Public relations (PR) are a key concept in crisis management in an organization. How organizations handle their major challenges or respond to a disaster makes the difference between success to gain public trust or a full-blown PR nightmare. Any organization needs to have a crisis management plan on standby, especially for the big corporates, to be able to respond to any challenges that can attract public criticism. A good PR strategy helps in building the reputation of the company irrespective of the nature of the problem faced.The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted communication strategies for most organization, and they were required to take into consideration procautionary measures and safety protocols. The hardest-hit organizations were those in the airline industry. Aer Lingus Airlines being one of them. The company made the right promises in the middle of a pandemic stating that the safety of their clients was their top priority. However, they faced a public backlash when a passenger posted a photo of an overcrowded cabin, an indication that they failed to keep their promises.
Description of Aer Lingus Airlines
Aer Lingus is the flag carrier of Ireland. The company was originally owned by the Irish government but was privatized between 2006 and 2015 and is now an owned subsidiary of International Airlines Group (IAG). The carrier serves destinations in Asia, North America, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe and serving so millions of customers annually. In the middle of a pandemic in Europe, the company issued a statement reassuring customers that they would comply with pandemic safety protocols and 1.5m social distancing guidelines. However, on 4th May 2020, a passenger posted a picture of their overcrowded cabin, indicating that the company disregarded the social distancing and safety measures contrary to their promises. The photo went viral, painting a negative picture of the company as prioritizing higher profit while disregarding passenger’s safety. The situation led to a momentaneous PR crisis (Torossian, 2020).

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