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Travel (Essay Sample)

Using the file which I have provide in attachment, write a report discussing and analysing what has been written on Travel topic. You also need to discuss and analyse numerical data from a suitable table (Excel) of numerical information from page 5 onwards. You need to have a good understanding of the trends on your chosen topic providing charts to illustrate those trends. Your conclusion should highlight an area for further investment or improvement. The report will include the finding from your secondary research and also refer closely to your data analysis and include supporting tables and charts. Your numeric data analysis should be done using Microsoft Excel and should include the use of percentage share and percentage change analysis. A reference list should be included at the end of report. You must also hand in printouts of the Microsoft Excel worksheet(s) (print directly from Excel) used to perform your analysis; these should be printed in both normal print mode showing the results of calculations and also printed showing the formulas used. There are two files in attachment, you just need to looking at second file. Please attention it. Thank you source..

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I am doing this research in order to identify my investment choice, view its benefits and disadvantages, its future potential and estimated trend, as well as the reasons for my decision.
There are six businesses in the town: a travel agent, a newsagent, a wine bar, a nail bar, a food store and a sports shop. The wine bar makes the highest profits in all the years combined, with 494,000 pounds while the nail bar makes the least profits overall, with 242,000 pounds.
I used Microsoft Excel to calculate the percentage change (e.g. (100-125)/125*100), percentage share (e.g. C2/I2*100), annual total profit (e.g. =SUM(C2..H2)) and the rate of change of profits.
After a lot of research and analysis, I identified my investment choice as the Nail Bar. I selected for three reasons that I will elaborate below.
First, it is the cheapest business to invest in as it makes the least total profits every year—except perhaps for the year 2010, where it made slightly higher total profits than the Travel Agent—and therefore has the smallest market share. In 2006 it made a profit of 30,000 pounds while its closest competitor, the Newsagent, made 70,000 pounds. In 2007 it made a profit of 35,000 pounds while its closest competitor was the Food Store, which made a total profit of 56,000 pounds. In 2008 it made a total profit of 40,000 pounds, while its nearest competitor was the Food Store again, which made an overall profit of 62,000 pounds. In 2009 it made a total profit of 65,000 pounds, while its closest competitor was, for a third successive year, the Food Store, which made an overall profit of 68,000 pounds. In 2010 the Nail Store made a total...
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