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TIS Reflective Report: Personal Development (Essay Sample)


1. Reflect your academic learning achieved during the TIS course and your personal development and engagement in employability activities.

2. Write 1000 words which summarise how and what you have learnt about your research skills, and your personal development engagement in employability activities while studying at the University of XXX and which addresses the specific questions outlined in the template below.

3. You may write your reflection in ‘first person’ narrative, and although you need not to include any academic content, if you do, please use Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.

4. Submit your reflective commentary on VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet. 


Course Name
Professor’s Name
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TIS Reflective Report

Essay 1

The first essay was titled “The importance of relationship marketing on improving customer loyalty in the online retail industry.” It explored the concepts of relationship marketing and customer loyalty, and elucidated on their developments as well as the benefits derived from their strategic implementation. Further, I examined the theories applied in marketing, and customer loyalty management and the different approaches used in their application in different corporate cultures globally.
While I did well in the examination of the subject concepts of the essay, the feedback expressed criticism of technical and cohesive aspects of the essay. The conceptual research on relationship management and customer relationship management was broadly done presenting a well-informed argument. The concepts were also examined in the modern trends of business, which made the arguments resonate with modern business environments. The sources were fairly examined and scholarly too. The criticism raised pointed out the cohesiveness of the essay could have been better by relating the different concepts rather than discussing them in isolation. Further, the presentation of direct references from sources could have been contextualized better.

Essay 2

The second essay was a case study of the application of the concepts discussed in the first essay by Alibaba. The essay was titled “Online Retailing's Relationship, Marketing, and Customer Loyalty in China: Alibaba.” The purpose of the essay was to examine the different strategies that Alibaba employs in customer loyalty management and relationship marketing. The paper also examined the strategic strategies employed by Alibaba in online retail relationship marketing and establishing and maintaining customer loyalty online and offline as well.
The essay established the different strategies that Alibaba has employed in the implementation of relationship management as well as customer loyalty management. Further, the essay establishes the differences of traditional strategies in relationship marketing and modern application. Alibaba is an e-commerce firm. The application of the concepts discussed in the first essay has been done in a creative and organized way. While relationship marketing necessitated the alignment of external and internal operations in a synchronous manner, I focused more on the firm's external relationship marketing. I feel I would have addressed Alibaba’s internal loyalty systems and operations designed to match the external forces.

Course Reflection

My research organization in the first essay as established in the critic is expound and relevant. The organization of my research con

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