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Research About Location and Customer Base: Markets in Different Countries (Essay Sample)


I am doing a project based on the design and manufacture of a modular production system capable of manufacturing high-quality protein food supplements from algae. The production systems are to be modular and scalable, and tailored to be sold for use in various countries subject to food scarcities. Right now, I have a machine to produce a high-quality protein from algae into flour, and I will sell the system line or end product to people depend on the areas and customer base. For this task, please do research about:
1.Markets in different countries (Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America)
- For example, many people are having HIV in Africa, can we make some HIV friendly products so that they can use it as well?
2.Future market
4.Countries – how it can be used
This is the group project, and my part is marketing. Please read the briefs.
I have attached some useful information to you, please have a look.
Message me if you have any questions or anything unclear.


Research About Location and Customer Base
By student
Institution, city
Research About Location and Customer Base
The development of a new product requires a lot of strategizing to ensure that the production does not end up to be a loss. Therefore, in the case of developing the high protein algae floor, marketing will be one of the key aspects to be put into consideration. Without a market, then the production of the algae protein is pointless. Hence this part will focus on an analysis of the available markets for the product and the competition that they are bound to face (Mehta, Singh, Saxena, Rani, Gupta, Puri and Mathur, 2018).
Markets in Different Countries
People from different parts of the world have different believes in regard to the consumption of particular protein products. For instance, the Chinese consume dog meat while in some other parts of the world it might be considered as an animal that should not be feed on. Hence, this should also be expected in the case of the algae flour since not all individuals will be willing to consume it. As well, certain markets might have plenty of protein sources hence making it difficult for them to substitute their existing products with the algae flour (Ansari, Shriwastav, Gupta, Rawat, Guldhe and Bux, 2015). The algae protein has been gaining popularity as an effective substitute for plant proteins. It is considering to have all the necessary amino acids, and hence, people might be willing to substitute it with other forms of plant proteins that they have been using. However, its substitution for animal proteins cannot be used as a determining factor for its markets in the different parts of the world.
In addition, the different markets over the world are characterized by individuals with different tests and preferences. In the case of Africa, the number of individuals that test positive for HIV is a bit higher as compared to other parts of the world, such as America. Given the fact that the African nations are part of the third world countries, then food scarcity is a common characteristic. HIV patients require good nutrition to keep their bodies functioning well. Affording such nutrition can be a challenge, and therefore, the development of affordable algae products would present a good market in such areas. The algae protein is a good source of easily digestible proteins, and hence, this could be a good option for the HIV positive patients (Fleurence, Morançais, and Dumay, 2018).
As well, the North American market is characterized by people suffering from lifestyle-related disorders such as obesity. such individuals require health products for them to be able to manage the disorders. The algae flour contains all the necessary amino acids as compared to other sources of proteins that do not contain all of the amino acids. Hence, it would be a better choice of a substitute as compared to a case whereby an individual has to mix different sources of proteins in one meal in order to obtain the necessary amino acids. As well, this would be the case in other markets such as Europe. It is expected that such parts will be a huge market for algae flour (Trivedi, Aila, Bangwal, Kaul and Garg, 2015).
The Asian market would also present a large market for algae flour. According to the Islamic culture, the consumption of meeting should happen in the case whereby the consumers are aware of its source. Therefore, this leaves plant proteins to be a perfect source of readily available proteins. This is an indication that the introduction of the algae flour would present the people with a better option of a protein that has all the necessary amino acids as compared to a case whereby they have to prepare animal proteins instead of consum...

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