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reflective essay: presentation passing (Essay Sample)

i need a reflective essay on a presentation i have done last week the essay have to be a 1000 words and falow the steps to complate the questions that i'm asked to do so .... and no reffrenses needed.. and the refflective essay should enclude the feedback from my tutar and from student openions that i'm going to uploud.. and the essay should answer those questios : ((1)) Evaluation of presentation (What happened? What were you thinking/feeling? What were your strengths/ weaknesses? etc.) ((2)) Analysis of Learning (What sense can you make of the situation? What went well and why? What difficulties did you encounter? etc.) ((3)) Conclusions and Action Plan (What else could you have done? What would you do differently/better in the future? What employability skills have I developed as a result of this exercise? etc.) Structure/ Presentation (Clear introduction and conclusion, logical structure) and check the applouded files for usefull information that must inclouded in the essay Many Thanks & Best Regards source..
REFLECTIVE ESSAY Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (09 December 2010) Reflective Essay Introduction During a presentation passing on the content to the audience in the most effective manner is the main objective (Lowenthal, 2009). This requires appropriate skills that must be practiced before the start of the presentation but more importantly is the understanding of the content that is to be presented. Judging a presentation is an easy task in view of the fact that there are specific qualities that must be attained without which the presentation becomes sub standard or low quality. The presentation has its weak and strong areas. The audience will each have what he/she liked in the report and the areas that need improvement. Prior to the presentation there needs to be adequate preparation so as to avoid embarrassment and disappointment during presenting. It is recommended that one must have done a mock presentation before the actual presentation to have the experience on the same. Evaluation of presentation In the presentation the audience remains to judge the presentation basing on the first reaction, the introduction, the development of the content of the report, the conclusion, and the use of information technology and audience rapport. The topic that was covered was “The Problems with Employers Adopting a Unitarist Approach to Employee Relations” which was presented by Ali Alshareef on 24-11-2010. It was based on the module people and work where the presentation was of nineteen slides. The assessment of the presentation in the weighing is based on the academic rigor of the content this includes the appreciation of key facts and the ability to have a comprehensive range of literature. The presentation has had a good appreciation of key facts on the topic. The content is clearly explained giving a comprehensive literature and description of the content. For example in the second slide it clearly details the content to be discussed in the proceeding slide. Other slide gives the descriptions of terms of what other author have done on the topic making it simple for the audience to understand. The range of literature is comprehensive on the other hand it needs to be updated to include more comprehensive academic sources. The literature used has a list of websites where information based on the websites may not be authenticated for this reason it may not be effective to use it in research. The second weighing is the evidence of knowledge and understanding. The student’s ability to use relevant facts, evidence and examples is examines and also presence of a logical and coherent conclusion and recommendations. The content in the presentation can be said to be understood by the presenter. Depth is evident but the use of examples and quotes will be helpful in assisting the audience understand the content better. The student has averagely addressed the content in the presentation in depth and therefore has earned a good presentation grade. The structure of the presentation is ...
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