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Reflection and professional development essay (Essay Sample)

Hi, Have a look on the attached file please: This summative assessment builds on the professional development matrix assessment. In your reflection and personal development essay you are required to:‐ - Reflect on and discuss the entirety of your learning on the module, and on this basis - Self‐select one competence in which you recognise a need for significant personal development You are expected to draw from your learning diary maintained throughout the module and write a reflective essay which critically analyses your learning and one dimension of personal development based on your module experiences. The ultimate purpose of this assessment is to develop your capability for reflection in order to benefit from the emergent learning in your future action and development. In doing the essay you will be completing the learning cycle by reflecting on your learning on the module, drawing conclusions from your learning and finally, thinking about how the insight gained can inform your future learning and development. The following list of questions may help stimulate critical analysis of your learning on the module:‐ - What did you discover about yourself that you weren't previously aware of? - What successes and difficulties did you encounter and why? - What did you enjoy/not enjoy and why? - Did anything surprise you about yourself or others? - How did you perform in teamwork? - What did you notice about the performance of others? - Was there anything that you think affected your engagement or performance on the module? - How did you feel at various stages of the learning process? - What did you think about feedback you received for others? The essay should comprise the following main headings: introduction; analysis of learning; competence development; conclusions. References, in the Harvard style, should be included in the text and reference section of the essay. Assessment 2 Marking Criteria Introduction 5% Analysis of Learning 50% Competence Development 30% Conclusions 10% Presentation 5% source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: April 27, 2011. Reflection and professional development essay Introduction The research paper is my reflection and professional development essay. Sincerely speaking I was a bit confused on what I felt about the module before starting the class. However, I had a glimpse of what it entailed. For instances understanding that working with others as well as issues relating to being a manager and a leader. With a clear understanding that change is inevitable and borrowing from what Rene Descartes, a French philosopher, who said thinking means existing. Thus for human beings we need to first realize ourselves, then change and continue in moving. Thinking helps in making on maneuver their thoughts as well as vision. It makes one to fully exist, admitted as well as being recognized by others. Failing to innovate and be creative with my live has noted will make me not be in a position to catch up with the changes in the world hence standing a chance of being rejected by others. I have managed to progress well in terms of academic. Immediately after high school I managed to undertake and graduated with a bachelors degree in business related disciplinary. Currently am anticipating graduating with a master’s degree in Business and Marketing. It is worth noting that through the module I have learnt a number of vital attributes that are key to successful managers. These include self management, learning preferences, interpersonal interactions, influence and persuasion, personal leadership approaches, influence and trust, others include; presentation skills, effective decision making, acting in an assertive manner, team building, being a team player and being effective in managing own time. Although I was aware of development needs before I undertook the module, they were fully focused as I progressed with the module. For one to be able to be competent in a given organization, he or she needs to be fully aware of his/her different learning methods, ability to fully utilize their personal effectiveness skills among others. Additionally, it is apparent that the only constant in the business world is change, and for this reason, for employees to be sure of coping with such changes, there is need for them to acquire certain skills that will help them be competent in doing business Analysis of Learning According to Dunn &Dunn, 1999 different individual do have varying learning styles. Knowing ones learning style is of significance as it will not only work in eliminating frustrations related to learning but also enabling individuals to learn through other viable ways and not just in their preferred style. Additionally one is also able to an environment in which other can learn from you is made possible. From class activities it’s been indicated that am a reflector with high scores in both theorists and pragmatist style. The peers and classmates showed a person with activist qualities. It’s my belief to be able to take an activist role should situation call for it. This has therefore been a point of strength since it allows me to adapt to situations. As pragmatist I learn best from activities that there is a clear association between subject at hand and issues in relating to real life situations, there is a link between the shown techniques and the practical advantages of the same, active concentration on handling issues at hand for instance coming up with action plan, there is room for practicing what has been learnt in presence of an instructors or a coach, when provided with models that fit what am doing and given timely chance to put in practice what I have learnt, (Gable & Reis, 2010). As at theorist I learn effective in case there are interesting concepts and ideas and the issue of immediate relevance does not count, am intellectually structured, I can investigate the relationship between ide...
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