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Outline for the international economic (Essay Sample)

Outline for the international economic the main question: Discuss the extent to which factor availability is no longer an effective explanation of the competitiveness of regions or countries. Abstract 300 words Introduction - explain how I am going to discuss the assignment. Main body 3000 words (Descriptive) Why the factor availability was an explanation of the competitiveness of the countries What are the news factors available today explanation of the competitiveness of regions or countries You can suggest another question to answer the main question and please make sure you will use some graphs with explanation them . 1000 Words Analyze the models that are used for the economic models at lest you have to use 2 and make a Comparative between them .by arguing method between authors. Conclusion - give opinion and what's my summery for the question Bibliography At least it has to have 20 books and journals (websites only for charts) Not's for the essay : 1- It has to be not more than 5000 words total without bibliography , with answering the topic by good way please 2- please make sure you will use graphs and diagrams with some explain for them 3- in some positions you have to use the arguing method between authors about some questions what I have written . 4 you can use some References from the internet just get graphs or diagrams . source..

Discuss the extent to which factor availability is no longer an effective explanation of the competitiveness of regions or countries
International economic has been a key area of concern in respect to development of various entities and personal evaluations. In the concept of business and marketing, there are various issues of great concern when analysing this particular economic concept. An outline of international economic is an important provision that gives relevant parties important information about regional economics. The introductory part in this paper is important as it gives a plan about the key issues to be addressed. Major considerable issue of concern is to understand various concepts that relates to international economic. The basic or overall meaning of international economics reflects the trade between countries which incorporates various attributes. In another perspective, international economics describes trade, production and investments across different countries. As a basic issue, international economics addresses the effects of economic activities that results from differences in productive resources and consumer taste. International economics seeks to bring out clearly various patterns and consequences of economic interactions from regional countries in the aspect of trade, migration and investment.
The concept of international economics has been of great importance in the current world influenced by important factor such as globalisation. This is because various world economies have been integrated through transportation and telecommunications. It is important for individuals to consider global perspectives in respect to economic integration which is the means through which businesses grow and resources are distributed in an appropriate manner. International economics is also an important consideration as it results to development of career opportunities for individuals with adequate knowledge and expertise in the filed of business and marketing. Various key issues to address throughout this paper relating to international economics include international finance, trade and economic development. These areas of interest provide an important consideration in respect to various factors that influence the existence of economic relation between different countries. Various benefits in relation to international economics to various countries are established throughout the discussion.
Considering the fact that international economics is a wide area to be covered, there are specific areas that need to be clearly addressed. The most important area of concern in this paper is to first discuss the extent with which availability as a factor is no longer an effective explanation of competiveness of regions. The second part of the paper is to address the three key areas concerned with international economics. Addressing international trade,...
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