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Individuals, Groups, Organization Interplay Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


An organisation’s effectiveness depends on the successful interplay of individuals, groups, and the organisation as a whole


Individuals, Groups, and the Organization Interplay
At the heart of the success is the integration of the individual, the group, and the organization. These are the main elements of the company, and they constantly interact regardless of the tasks that are involved. This can be considered to be a hierarchy in the sense that, from the individual comes to the personal abilities and personality relative to the company goals. Then comes the group within which the individual works as they interact with the rest of the individuals at the company. There are different group dynamics, and quite some theories have been developed in a way to try and establish the relations that are formed between the team members and the effectiveness with which they can work at any given time. This is a crucial area of study, especially for companies given that the different individuals represent the different talents within the pool. There is also the organizational element, and this relates to the way the individuals and the groups can interact with the objectives of the company. Elements such as leadership play a major role when it comes to the ability of the individual to bring out their best abilities and talents. More important, the way that the individuals can interact within the groups is largely associated with the organization. For example, where the structure allows, the leaders may use a transformational approach. This will have a different element compared to the transactional. As such, the individual, group and the organization are all elements that determine the success of the said organization. Each of the three is a complex element and has profound impacts on the growth and success of an organization. This paper sets out to determine the impact that each of the three elements has on the success of an organization, by evaluating the various characteristics and associated theories that define them.

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