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Hoyts Marketing Strategy (Essay Sample)

i am studying asubject named services and relation marketing i would like you to write a marketing strategy report about Hoyts Cinema in Australia which required in this subject and i would like you to find good academic referrnces for this report in this report i would like you to linke the theory of the subject with the business case which is about HOYTS also i would like to keep the writing style very simple and with out complex words FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE FIND ATTACHED THE RELATED ASSESSMENT ABOUT THE REPORT AND THE PREVIOUSE REPORT WHICH I HAVE DONE IN THIS SUBJECT source..
Hoyts Marketing Strategy
The success of a company is based on its marketing strategy. The secret behind the achievement of large corporations around the world is having the best team in implementing and making the plan of the firm. In establishing a business, efficient marketing strategy  is the basic in a business because it integrates the objectives, goal, policies and action  a firm. To be able to attract customers attention to compete with the growing market, evolving technologies and trends in culture such as the influence of social media marketing communities; firms should be able to create the right, proper and specific strategy for the business.  
Hoyts Cinema operates more than 400 movie theaters around Australia, making it one of the top cinema chains in the country. Learning the market strategy of the company will aid in understanding the strategies that the company had used.
Market strategies are important in managing the business because it aids in marketing the products or services of the firm. It is different from advertisement because ads are means in which the market strategy is used ( Marketing strategies serves as the plans of the company in a specific period. It involves the analyzing in the external and internal environment of the business which consist the SWOT or strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis. The internal factors consist of strategic constraints, marketing mix and performance analysis. An external factor consists of economic condition, culture, political, target market analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, and evaluation of technological elements. These factors can have big impact on the implementation of business strategies and success of the company.
Hoyts started as a small business but it has evolved through the years and is now a leading firm in the entertainment industry. Established in 2001, Hoyts Distribution Pty Ltd has become an independent distributor in New Zealand and Australia.
Hoyts Cinema is owned by the Hoyts Group, an Australian company that consists of Hoyts Distribution, Val Morgan and Hoyts exhibition, is also a subsidiary of Pacific Equity Partners a Sydney Based private equity company. Of all Hoyts Cinemas, Hoyts Exhibition is known as Australia's leading theater because of the advance or modern technology they use. The company manages cinemas in more than 40 places in Australia. The group had planned to expand in New Zealand and they purchase Barrie Everard's Berkeley Cinema Group. Recently, the company opened 10 new cinemas across New Zealand. Val Morgan, one of the leading supplier of screen advertising and independent cinemas in Australia is instrumental in this success since the advertising agency allowed the company to garner 95% market share. Hoyts Distribution act as the independent distributor of the group; they are responsible for the purchase of rights and manage the distribution of independent films through television, home entertainment in Australia. Last year the group had successfully purchased the Australian Multiplex Cinemas.
The success of the company can be traced back to its efficient marketing strategy which in turn was based on the company`s thorough understanding of the market`s behavior. Through such strategies, the company has continually met its goals and have even exceeded it in some instances, thereby allowing them to expand unprecedentedly over the years.
The company is one of the most successful in the industry because of its new technology that they offer in watching our favorite movies and films. Today many cinema companies are upgrading the materials that they are using. Example is the digital cinema that most in the cinema industry are using. Digital cinema ...
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