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Mark Eliot Zuckerberg, Transformational Leader (Essay Sample)


Structure and content

  • Review the rubric to ensure you understand what you are being assessed on
  • The introduction describes what you are going to discuss – who (which leader), why you have chosen this person, what leadership style they embody, which challenges they face
  • Provide an overview of the leader’s background
  • Identify and explain their leadership style , drawing on at least one leadership theory from the academic literature,  and provide evidence why you would say they are this kind of leader
  • Describe two challenges they have faced as a leader and how they have managed these challenges
  • Offer suggestions to improve their leadership
  • State what you have learned about leadership from studying this leader
  • The conclusion should summarise the key points/findings of the paper 

Writing & Critical Thinking

  • Please pay attention to: spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence length
  • Paragraphs should be no longer than 4 to 6 sentences
  • Ensure writing is clear – read your sentences out aloud to check they make sense and are not too long
  • Seek to link the flow of discussion from one paragraph to the next
  • Provide clearer definitions and explanations of core concepts used – for example ensure you describe the leadership style before applying it
  • Assertions must be supported by references

Referencing & Inquiry/Research

  • Please use La Trobe LTU Harvard referencing style
  • Ensure consistent and accurate in-text referencing (surname, year)
  • Ensure consistent and accurate Reference List – are all references that are in the essay in the reference list and vice-versa?
  • Are there 10 cited references in the text, of which 8 are academic references?
  • Have you over-relied on a limited number of references?
  • Reference List should be in alphabetical order by first author name
  • Try not to use too many direct quotes – paraphrase in your own words
  • Direct quotes require the original page number e.g. (Author, Date, p_)


  • Title Page; Assessment number & title; Student name and number; Submission date, Subject code
  • Check Word count (±10% allowed); Use: 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing

Mark Eliot Zuckerberg, transformational leader
Mark Eliot Zuckerberg, Transformational Leader
Considering most people that are permanently employed spend more than 45 hours in a week at work, this can be translated to mean that, they spend more than a third of their lives at work. That is a long time and this means that, the work environment plays a big role in the lives of the people and the society at large. It is crucial for the employees to be treated in a manner that encourages them to work even harder and appreciate their effort towards building the society. While the level of talent has been rated as one of the best determinants of the success of a company, there is a very significant element that is determined by the leaders. Ideally, leaders that are motivating to their staff have a better chance at making their company rise through the ranks and fast. A good example of such a company is Facebook. This is company that was developed by college students in their rooms, yet today it is one of the largest companies that there is in America and even globally. Part of the success if attributed to the talent and the concepts behind the company operations, however, the greatest part of the company is reliant on the leader, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. A down to earth leader who inspires the people that work with him in the office. He is a leader that uses the transformation approaches in his style (Wixson, 2016). Giving the staff at the company the motivation that they need to achieve not just the company goals but also their personal goals. As a leader, he has faced challenges such as the element of creating an environment that does not embody the traditional practices of the work place (Clark, 2014). This is a place of work where one works in and people are dressed casually, work in open spaces, interact with their leaders freely without bureaucratic practices and eat whatever they want at the cost of the company.
As a young leader, he is a person that is interesting to note that he inspires not just the staff at the company but also people outside the company and more important across the globe. He can be considered as a bacon of transformational leadership that other leaders should emulate in their work places. Over the years, leaders have chosen for most of the cases to rise above their subordinates in a manner that signifies their power and influence in the company. For Mark, he is an example of some of the most esteemed leaders who are not just the employees of the company but the founders yet they do not force onto the rest of the staff (Clark, 2014). He works with all the staff regardless of their level, in a way that emulates a flat organizational structure, where all the leaders and the staff are free to interact without the hindrances of their rank. What is important to the company is the ability to be productive, the elements of rank are not as important as they only present hindrances to growth and the ability of the staff to be innovative and motivated. Ironically, he is a leaders that believes in passion other than talent. His idea of a successful candidate to work at the company is someone that is passionate about what it is that they do. He does not consider talent as the main element of choosing a candidate as he believes; skills are elements that can be taught, however passion is something else entirely and this comes from within creating the drive in a person.
He is the perfect example of a transformational leader in the fact that, he acknowledge that he expects a lot from the staff that work at the company. This is a close concept that is associated with transformational leadership in the elements associated with motivating them to put in more effort (Clark, 2014). I...

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