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International Marketing Assignment 2 (Essay Sample)

The next Olympiad will take place in August 2012 in London. Many organisations will be using the Olympics as an opportunity to link their products with the global prestige of the Games. For some of them the Games will allow them to promote their brand in the UK market and for others to target the wider global market. You are the International Marketing Manager of a FMCG manufacturing organisation, which is an official partner of London 2012. You have been asked to report to your Board of Directors on how you are planning to leverage your sponsorship in order to gain the maximum promotional benefits for the company's products. You will be required to justify your choices and you should also evaluate any drawbacks relating to the promotional campaign. - Word Limit not more than - 3000 words - You may choose from any of the following product categories – confectionery, ice cream or cosmetics. You should assume that the organisation is selling products in both developed and emerging markets. - Report format, fully referenced within the report. Marking Schedule Promotional campaign plan 30% Justification of campaign plan 35% Evaluation of drawbacks 20% Evidence of Research 10% Presentation, structure, language etc. 5% PLAGIARISM PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO COPY DIRECTLY FROM SOURCE MATERIAL, EVEN WHERE THAT MATERIAL IS REFERENCED. IF YOU WISH TO USE A QUOTATION OR DEFINITION THIS SHOULD BE PLACED IN INVERTED COMMAS AND REFERENCED. REFERENCES SHOULD BE IN THE HARVARD SYSTEM. source..
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International Marketing Assignment
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11 April 2011
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc290335002 \h 3Overview of the Ice Cream Brand PAGEREF _Toc290335003 \h 3Product: PAGEREF _Toc290335004 \h 4Price PAGEREF _Toc290335005 \h 4Placement PAGEREF _Toc290335006 \h 4Promotions PAGEREF _Toc290335007 \h 4Assessment of Current Marketing Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc290335008 \h 5Objectives and Goals (Proposed Marketing Mix for the Olympics) PAGEREF _Toc290335009 \h 6Proposed Communication Channels PAGEREF _Toc290335010 \h 7Print Media: PAGEREF _Toc290335011 \h 8Internet PAGEREF _Toc290335012 \h 8TV and Radio PAGEREF _Toc290335013 \h 9Proposed Promotion Mix PAGEREF _Toc290335014 \h 9Advertising PAGEREF _Toc290335015 \h 9Personal Selling PAGEREF _Toc290335016 \h 10Sales Promotions PAGEREF _Toc290335017 \h 10Public Relations PAGEREF _Toc290335018 \h 11The Budget PAGEREF _Toc290335019 \h 12Determination of Effectiveness PAGEREF _Toc290335020 \h 13
The paper seeks to formulate a promotion strategy for an ice cream manufacturing company called Icy Delight which is a multinational company with its headquarters in London. With the upcoming Olympics being held in London, the company applied for a partnership in the event and got the desired status of being an Olympic partner. With the partnership already in place, the company is now looking to exploit this state of affairs to yield maximum advantage. The paper will detail the current positioning and marketing mix of the brand and then go on to assess the current marketing opportunities, which will be the basis of the objective and goals set specifically for the Olympiad 2012. The report will then go on to discuss some of the communication channels, the proposed promotions mix and the tools for disseminating, evaluating and financing the promotions campaign.
Remeberall concerning Icy Delight
Icy Delight was founded in the year 2000 and since then has enjoyed sales worth £10 million annually. The ice cream company since its humble start in the year 2000 has opened up franchise dealerships in various other European and Western countries. Currently it seeks to develop a consumer base in the developing countries of the world. It has opened one dealership in China, which supplies to some of the major retailers in the country, but the company wants a more aggressive campaign so as to spread its supplies more widely in the country.
Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration here is that the company has acquired a partner position in the Olympiad 2012, and has several opportunities which it can use in order to expand its consumer base better. In order for the current position of Icy Delight, we need to take into consideration the marketing mix that it employs currently, so that some changes can be proposed to...
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