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Individual assignment Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The final product of the assignment will be a professional formatted report within the maximum word-count (excluding cover pages, pictures, tables, references and appendices) with cover page stated clearly the assignment, topic, student(s) name and ID(s), and wordcounts. Format - double-spaced, 2-sided, Font -12pts. Accurate referencing and in-text citation are expected for ALL ideas or references from other sources preferred using Harvard Reference standard.


Company name:山东贝比信息科技有限责任公司

App name:贝比购


Question: Mr.Wang, when you start this business?

Ans: We registered the company on August 8, 2019, then did some research and started the preparation and development of the App. The App is not yet online.

Q: Mr.Wang, What is the current size of the company?

Ans: We only have four people at present, and we are contracted by an outside team to develop the App. The company focuses on online marketing. Now it's the marketing phase.

Q: What do you do about your business?

A: We mainly integrate physical maternal and child stores into our platform, similar to the mode of "饿了么” which can make it more convenient for consumers to buy products from physical stores and help them expand the market. In addition, with the knowledge of mother and baby, life and other sharing, exchange, make a full service to the family with a baby products.

Q: Any competitors?

A: There are no comprehensive Apps like this, except some that sell specific brands of Apps or e-commerce.

Q: Any advantages?

A: According to the survey, half of maternal and child products are purchased online, such as TaoBao, Tmall and JD, while the other half are purchased offline. This app is aimed at offline buyers and draws online purchasing power. The app can learn about the offers and activities of each brand in real time, and directly communicate online with people in the physical stores to select products, deliver services and guarantee the quality of goods.

Q: Mr.Wang, why do you want to start this business?

A: Because there are children at home, so in the maternal and child products to pay attention to. I originally wanted to open an offline physical store, but in the process of research, offline physical stores are very weak online, so I want to make an app to promote offline physical stores.

Q:what challenges are you face? And do you want to give up?

A: It is difficult for large chains to talk about cooperation. And distribution is also difficult, because there is no team of their own, can only cooperate with a third party. I haven't thought about giving up yet, because I think there is still a market prospect. This app is suitable for young parents born in the 1980s and 1990s, who are lazy and can do everything online. But you don't have to wait many days like taobao, and there is quality assurance.

Q: When will the App be officially launched?

A: around 2020 Apr.


Assessment (1/3)Individual Assignment #1 -15% -Word count: 800-1000 words • Company - New Start-up - First 18 months - Story of the New Start-up
Student - interview the key founder(s) of a start-up company, technology-driven and/or e-com based, which started only within last 18 months in Hong Kong, or China or ASEAN - please specify.
Executive Summary (200 words) - Key summary & highlight the company and key findings.
Interview Report with Key Learnings (800 words) - student should focus on how they start and why they start this business, what keep them going, the journey to current status, business and personal challenges along the way1-4


Individual Assignment
Executive summary
The interview was conducted on Mr. Wang, the founder of Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd, and was aimed at examining the products offered by his business. Mr. Wang, together with his team, has provided an app that makes it possible for mothers and parents to purchase child products from offline stores. The interviewee indicated that the business was started in August 2019 and that since it is a start-up, it only has four members. Also, Mr. Wang indicated that the aim of the business is to promote the convenience of purchasing from physical stores. Besides, the interviewee also indicated that there is no significant competition because players in the market have relatively different products from what the business intended to release to the market. Further, Mr. Wang said that the primary motivation whey he started this business is because he intended to promote the ability of offline stores in the online platforms. The App will be officially launched in April 2020.

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