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Globalization (Essay Sample)


the question is : Who are the winners and who are the losers in the globalisation process? and you should please include all follow points: 1-introduction : explain what is the essay about and what are you going to include on the essay. 2- Brief mention of the Bretton Woods arrangements in which developed states were given national autonomy through capital controls etc. This allowed for the welfare state and \'development\' in Third World countries. It was capitalism but there was some redistribution of wealth etc. 3- What forces led to globalisation ie interests around finance, MNCs and sympathetic neo-liberal politicians. They precipitate a shift of power from states and their populations to a new global power structure. 4- Read sections in the globalisation essay I will upload it on my profile to see how this has led to transnationalised production and how this in turn has affected the organisation of labour. 5- In the same essay I have statistics on poverty and wealth on which you can develop. You could also look at this article. 6- conclusion. important points : you should use an academic reference books or journal also please please you should mention to the reference on each paragraph as Harvard style in addition you will find the module guide which has alot of useful reading book and journals.. Assignment Brief Part 1 – Essays and Reports Essays/reports are expected to: a) Address a subject area that is directly connected to, or closely related to, the issue of globalisation. b) Consultation of a wide range of sources including books, articles, newspapers, documentaries, the Internet etc. Some topic areas may also require the student to consult primary sources. It is accepted that each topic will differ regarding sources consulted. c) Provide full and accurate referencing of all sources consulted using in a recognised academic form. Any mainstream academic form can be used but it must be employed consistently. d) Write coherently and ensure that the presentation, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation is consistent and of a postgraduate standard. e) Give the essay a clear structure (introduction, argument, and conclusion). f) Demonstrate an ability and willingness to engage in debate, consider different opinions and develop an argument. Distinction - For a distinction an essay/report will be written in a fluent academic style of writing which expresses thoughts and ideas with clarity. It will show an appreciation of the various debates within the topic chosen and will develop an original line of argument that reflects the material employed. Merit - For a merit the essay/report will be carefully and logically organised with clearly expressed thoughts and ideas and due attention paid to accuracy of spelling and grammar. It will critically appraise literature derived from a variety of sources and show clear development of an argument based in the literature/theory

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