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Global marketing Business & Marketing Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Maximum Word Length: 2,500 words
The report is 2,500 words maximum. The word count excludes only the title page, contents page, reference list and up to three summary tables maximum (word count for each summary table should be not more than 100 words and must be given under each table). No appendices are allowed. All excesses over 2,500 report word limit and 100 words per table will be penalised, for details see the PG Handbook.
Requirement: as provided in the module guide
You have been hired as a consultant for a company/ brand of your choice (choose one category from the following: athleisure wear for men and women; vegetarian or vegan product line; video game; face or body care for men or women; low/ no alcohol beer). You are required to consider a new international market to launch the company’s product/brand. The product/ brand origin can be either the UK or any other country market. The new international market you will consider is your choice. You are strongly encouraged NOT to pick a brand that is globally-established already, such as for example Nike. Identify a new or emerging brand.
The company would like you to advise them on key marketing strategy considerations for launching their product/ brand in this market. You are required to submit a written report (of maximum 2,500 words) that should have the following content and structure:
Project title, Executive Summary, List of contents (compulsory but not form the word-count)
Introduction (5% of total word-count)
Introduction to the report and brief background of the brand and the new international country market.
Report content
Macro- and micro-environment analysis and evaluation of major factors that may impact brand performance in the proposed market most significantly:
Conduct a market macro-environment analysis of a country as a new international market for the company’s product/ brand. The analysis should cover all components of the macro-environment, and consider its implications for marketing strategy specifically. As a minimum, you are expected to base the analysis on SLEPT framework, however, the use of PESTLE as an extended framework is encouraged. Identify the macro-environment factors that may impact the brand’s performance most significantly. Given the focus of the module a key expectation is that your macro-environment analysis will examine cultural environment conditions when analysing sociocultural component.
Micro-environment analysis should identify up to 3 forces that may impact the product/brand performance significantly, and suggest strategic steps the company can undertake to mitigate these forces.
The analysis should draw from market/industry reports and academic literature. Going beyond the recommended (core and optional) literature sources and sourcing additional literature and reports is not compulsory but encouraged. (25-30% of total word-count)
A critical evaluation of culture-based positioning strategy options (GCCP, FCCP, LCCP and hybrid) and recommendation of optimal strategy and related marketing mix for the brand:
Identify and discuss advantages and disadvantages of each strategy for the brand and make a recommendation of the optimal strategy appropriate for the selected target segment. Support your discussion with academic literature and findings of cultural environment analysis. Provide recommendations on how positioning strategy can be implemented in 2 marketing mix elements of your choice. Consideration of potential implications of the selected positioning on non-target groups is not compulsory but is desirable. (30-35% of word-count)
Corporate social responsibility and ethical marketing considerations
Consider whether and how your proposed strategy contributes to the corporate social responsibility agenda. Evaluate potential ethical risks your recommendations may pose to company’s stakeholders. Draw on recent examples and academic research. (15-20% of word-count)
Conclusion (5% of total word-count)
References (not included in the final word-count)
You must make reference to relevant international marketing theories and concepts, identify and utilise relevant market/ industry/ consumer data and recent academic research to support your work.


Global Marketing
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc61298958 \h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc61298959 \h 5Macro-Environmental Analysis PAGEREF _Toc61298960 \h 6Micro-Environment Analysis PAGEREF _Toc61298961 \h 8Evaluation of Culture-based Positioning Strategy Options PAGEREF _Toc61298962 \h 9Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Marketing Considerations PAGEREF _Toc61298963 \h 12Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc61298964 \h 12References PAGEREF _Toc61298965 \h 14
Executive Summary
Business ventures into foreign markets and regions need to be planned accordingly and tactfully. For Girlfriend Collective to expand into China to sell its eco-friendly athleisure products, it must conduct a thorough analysis of micro and macro-environmental factors of the Asian nation. Similarly, the brand should critically evaluate the different culture-based positioning strategy options to determine the optimal approach. Furthermore, the company should provide recommendations on how positioning strategy can be implemented in 2 marketing mix elements. Girlfriend Collective should also consider whether and how the proposed strategy contributes to the corporate social responsibility agenda. Finally, the brand should evaluate potential ethical risks the recommendations may pose to the company's stakeholders.
Clothing is a basic human need, and individuals worldwide strive to ensure that they dress decently. While some people just look for attires that will cover their bodies, others are keen on dressing, not just fashionable garments but also those they are extremely comfortable in. These types of people/ consumers want value for their money and are willing to spend huge sums of money on quality products. It is on this breadth that global apparel companies such as Nike and Adidas have thrived. With well-established research and development teams, these organizations continuously scan the market and the environment to understand dynamic consumer tastes and preferences.
Nonetheless, despite the above companies' stronghold in the apparel industry, some brands are coming and are giving these established firms a run for their money. One notable brand is Girlfriend Collective, which was established in 2015 to create transparency in fashion. The athleisure and sustainable fashion brand have its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The brand is keen on ethical manufacturing. The founders built the brand on a sustainable mindset because their products are eco-friendly and made from recycled materials. The brand acknowledges the above facts on its website by stating, "We've made a point to focus on things that matter to us like ethical manufacturing, recycled materials, and celebrating as many types of bodies as we can" (, 2021). It is about time that the brand cements its positioning globally by setting up operations in different countries. Particularly, Girlfriend Collective needs to consider setting up in China to benefit from the vast population. Chinese are also eco-friendly and, as such, will be highly receptive to the sustainable products from Girlfriend Collec...

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