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Global Consumer Culture Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Be sure to read the assessment requirements carefully, as they define the structure of the paper, and I have detailed instructions on what needs to be written for each structure.Please be sure to write exactly as requested. thanks


Coursework assessment: Cultural Profiling

You are required to submit an individual essay-based coursework that provides an in-depth cultural profile of Japan  Specifically, your coursework should address the following issues: EVERY PART MUST TO LINK TO THE COMSUMPTION OR GOODS... which related to consumption phenomenon 

1. Consumer Cultural plurality

Identify and exemplify the global, local, hybrid (of global and local) and ethnic layers of consumer culture within the Japan. To what extent do the values of each cultural aspect conflict or blend harmoniously with one another?

-----All four parts need examples.







---------- For example, globalization has led to consumer Cultural divergence, the popularity of coffee culture and fast food in Japan, and how this has affected the Japanese consumer culture.From the pursuit the emotional value of products to the pursuit of functional satisfaction, the values of the Japanese consumer group increasingly tends to Europe and America(That's just my own personal guess,Just to give an example.)


-----------ethnic layers of consumer culture :kimono Ukiyoe A consumer culture that represents national characteristics---Reflects which traditional Japanese spiritual culture has led to the current behavior of Japanese consumers.


2. Consumer Material culture

What are the consumerist and materialistic aspirations that

arise from the global, local, hybrid and ethic consumer culture in the

Japan? What symbolic meanings do certain material objects have on the


----- Be sure to include this point .

1. Globalisation leads to a global spread of materialistic values. Yet, this

does not necessarily mean that collectivistic values are undermined . Awanis et al. (2017)

--Here's what this part should say, for example, The Japanese consumer culture today reveres high quality, high-priced luxury goods, because Japanese consumers need to stand out through these things, and because they are collectivists who live in a range and demand identity through objects, etc.



3. Cultural comparison

Identify china that is commonly perceived to be culturally similar to Japan. Using relevant research tools, discuss the key similarities and differences between these national cultures.


This diagram below must be used for analysis. Must include the based theory as below. Please give appropriate examples in your analysis, for example, of consumer culture, consumer behaviour


This diagram is from the following website and theory

Dimensions        of           national               culture Hofstede             (1980,   1991)

• Aimed              to analyse differences in             work motivations            of          all levels              of          employees,       as caused by           the         nationality          of           the         employees

• Based               on          data       from      116,000                IBM       employees         in            seven   occupational      categories                in            66           countries in        1967-1973

• 5          independent     dimensions        of           national               culture



4. Global marketing implication

How should a multinational company with a portfolio of brands segment the Japanese  consumers into distinct groups? What identifying characteristics should the company look out for in each consumer segment?


For example, it can be divided by income into high income, middle income and poverty


Important Points to Note:

• You must use at least five secondary sources such as news articles, databases, and market research reports to  illustrate the relevance of your cultural assessment with real-life practices.

• Use at least ten academic articles to demonstrate engagement with cross-cultural marketing and consumer research theories.

The word limit for the report is 3500 words (±10%).



Global Consumer Culture
Global Consumer Culture
The flourishing industries in Japan have established a unique consumer culture that is influenced by the trends in globalization, local developments, as well as ethnic factors. The majority of the economy is composed of people within the middle class with much disposable income. Therefore, the Japanese market is attractive for numerous businesses, including organizations that have ambitions to succeed in the international market. In order to get the attention of consumers within the Japanese market, there is a need to employ strategies that will overcome not only the linguistic barriers but also the cultural preferences and purchasing behaviors of the people ADDIN CSL_CITATION {"citationItems":[{"id":"ITEM-1","itemData":{"URL":"","accessed":{"date-parts":[["2020","5","2"]]},"author":[{"dropping-particle":"","family":"Info Cubic Japan","given":"","non-dropping-particle":"","parse-names":false,"suffix":""}],"id":"ITEM-1","issued":{"date-parts":[["2018"]]},"title":"How to win the hearts and trust of Japanese consumers","type":"webpage"},"uris":[""]}],"mendeley":{"formattedCitation":"(Info Cubic Japan, 2018)","plainTextFormattedCitation":"(Info Cubic Japan, 2018)","previouslyFormattedCitation":"(Info Cubic Japan, 2018)"},"properties":{"noteIndex":0},"schema":""}(Info Cubic Japan, 2018). Notably, consumer culture is an index that has been utilized by businesses as well as researchers to understand the Japanese market. Various commodities are sold within the Japanese market and have a global presence. These products include luxury wear and fashion brands, numerous products that are manufactured and distributed by a local firm, electrical appliances, and software ADDIN CSL_CITATION {"citationItems":[{"id":"ITEM-1","itemData":{"ISBN":"1452266530","author":[{"dropping-particle":"","family":"Hiroko","given":"Takeda","non-dropping-particle":"","parse-names":false,"suffix":""}],"container-title":"Encyclopedia of consumer culture","editor":[{"dropping-particle":"","family":"Southerton","given":"Dale","non-dropping-particle":"","parse-names":false,"suffix":""}],"id":"ITEM-1","issued":{"date-parts":[["2011"]]},"publisher":"Sage Publications","publisher-place":"Thousand Oaks, CA","title":"Japan as a Consumer Culture","type":"chapter"},"uris":[""]}],"mendeley":{"formattedCitation":"(Hiroko, 2011)","plainTextFormattedCitation":"(Hiroko, 2011)","previouslyFormattedCitation":"(Hiroko, 2011)"},"properties":{"noteIndex":0},"schema":""}(Hiroko, 2011).
In this paper, we will be assessing the consumption of goods and services in the Japanese market. In this regard, the paper will discuss the consumer cultural plurality, considering features such as the global, local, hybrid, and ethnic. The consumer material culture will also be discussed and undertake a cultural comparison of Japan and China. This will include the identification of critical similarities and differences between the two nations. After undertaking the analysis, we will highlight the marketing implication for multinational companies with a portfolio of brands that can segment the Japanese consumers into different groups, including the traits that each segment must possess.
Consumer Cultural Plurality

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