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Gender Pay Gap Discrimination: Evidences (Essay Sample)


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Gender Pay Gap Discrimination
Gender Pay Gap Discrimination
Discrimination against female employees has been experienced in many organizations across the world. The issue about women being treated differently from their male counterparts at the workplace is not new. Gender disparity at the work place has led to emergency of work related issues such as sexual harassment at the workplace, unequal employment opportunity, and harsh working condition for a certain unit or individuals among other imaginable injustices. However, this paper will focus on gender wage or pay gap which is one of the form of discrimination at the work place (Kausar, 2011, P. 15). The papers will evaluate the evidences for discrimination against female employees in terms of pay.
To begin with, nearly any labor market in many regions around the world has a common view point on the issue of gender related divergence in terms of earning. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member countries indicate that by the year 2013, men earned approximately 16% more than women. A study conducted in Switzerland in the year 2012 reported that female employees earned averagely 23% less compared to male counterparts. The study was only base on private sectors. The federal government is the largest employee in any state. However, the policies and labor laws has come a long way to ensure that the civil servants receive equal opportunities and treatment as far as employment and labor related issues are involved. Private sectors are notorious in gender related scandals at the work place as compared to government sector (Palud & Desouza, 2011 p.16). 
The report releases in 2012 by the Swiss Federal Statistical office reported that wage gap between female workers and male employee was approximately CHF 1,700. There is no enough or sufficient explanation to shed light as to why the gap is so wide. Data provided by various statistical reports suggest that the wage gap problem is experienced in almost all countries across the globe. For instance, the recent data released by the United States census bureau indicates the female employees earned approximately 82% less what male employees earned by the end of 2016. The World Economic Forum (WEF) suggest that compared to male counterparts, women earned about fifty seven percent of men global earnings.WEF suggest that the worldwide gender wage gap will continue to widen considering the rate at which gender discrimination related issues are rising at an alarming pace. The organizations recent report suggests that it will take close to two hundred years in order to seal the current wage gap between women and men (Palud & Desouza, 2011 p.20). 
Gender discrimination has led to rise in participation of women in movements that advocate for equality in various sectors such as employment, women recognition as well as women rights. For instance, between the year 1973 and 1993, the number of women in United Kingdom who advocated for equality in the labor markets moved from 57% to almost 68%.the tension created by various labor movement led to creation of new jobs in which women were the beneficiaries. Despite the participation of women in the fight for equal employment opportunities and fight against gender discrimination in terms of pay, still female employees continue to suffer (Colella & King, 2018 P.74). 
Regardless of frequent policy innervations in regard gender wage gap, still women get less in terms of pay as compared to men in various regions across the world. Gender discrimination in terms of pay has become a mysterious tale as many have failed to explain fully why the phenomenon continues to exist. However, through careful examination and observation of stip...

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