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My Future Individual Reflection And Plan. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment 3: My Future
Individual reflection and plan
Format: 1,500 words +/-10% must be 1.5 line spaced, 2.5 cm Margins, 12 Point font (Times New Roman or Arial) footer must have zID and page numbers
Due date: no later than 9:30 AM on Saturday 15 August via Moodle
Submission procedure: via Turnitin on COMM5010 Moodle site
NOTE: to submit the assignment via Turnitin you will need to make an ‘online declaration’ regarding the authenticity of the work. This online declaration replaces the need to include a Coversheet on your assignment. Note a cover sheet is different to a title page
Weighting: 30% of your total course mark
Length: approx 1,500 words +/-10%.
The word count excludes the title page, any reference list and any appendices. Description:
Having considered the future of work and the course resources, it is now time to consider your own future. Drawing upon the megatrends, strategy, marketing and management, reflect upon what you have learned in this course and how you will utilise this for the future. Ensure you draw upon the compulsory article.
Reference requirements:
You must use the compulsory article. All materials used in this report must be referenced in Harvard format, including your interview with the senior manager. For details and assistance on Harvard referencing, see
Please note that Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for academic work as it is not reliable. Any use of Wikipedia as a reference will result in an automatic zero mark for the assessment.
1 r
Marking Criteria: "
Demonstrates analysis and understanding of the course materials across th<-term with personal application to their future of work. +
Synthesis of data to make meaning and develop insights for future action
Structures text logically and coherently
Communicates clearly and concisely


My Future Individual Reflection And Plan
Human skills are very important in business performance. Most leaders appreciate the role that humans play as consumers and developers of innovation. Companies do well because of the human skills and capabilities. These skills determine the outcome of a given business. Human imagination and creativity influence the productivity of organizations. The capabilities of humans depend on each other and can always be improved. Companies need human capabilities to manage daily pressure. Most of these companies depend on lasting relationships and interactions. Companies perform well when workers have different capabilities. This paper states the main argument of the article and explains how I will use the lessons I have learned in future.
The article's core argument
This article summarizes how human capabilities is important for better business performance. 

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