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Facebook (Essay Sample)

Marketing Strategy about facebook 1- introduction about facebook 2- competitor analysis about googleplus 3- competive postioning ( facebook) source..
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Facebook is a website that was launched in 2004 the month of February to offer social networking services (Sarah, 2007, p. 1). The website has more than 800 million active clients around the world. For one to use the site one must register by creating a personal profile where he or she can exchange messages, contact friends and they receive notifications alerting them on the updates on their profile (Nicholas, 2010, P. 3). Essentially the users of this site can be able to join a common interest user groups which may be organized by learning institutions, or workplace. The website allows users over the age of 13 years to become registered users. The age factor is made in a declaration. This paper will address the competitive analysis and positioning of Facebook among its competitors.
Competitor analysis about Google plus
Compared to Facebook Google plus which was launched recently target groups to sort and manage friends. Google plus only shares information to those it concerns with use of minute animations that make it look attractive. This strategy may be seen by other people as discriminatory in nature compared to Facebook which allows the users to make the groupings themselves. Google plus only allows a group of 10 people which rather limits the diversity in sharing information. Nevertheless, the site supports Linux, Mac and windows as opposed to Facebook which lacks Linux. In relation to the number of chats, Google plus chat application is possible to more than two people. It tends to support chat on desktops browsers as opposed to Facebook where one has to have XMPP or Jabber protocol so that he or she can chat on mobile. On privacy concerns Google plus let its users to choose their profile and how it will look on the web.
Other competitors such as Twitter which has 100 million clients logged in Facebook has over 800 million users logged in which quite a large number. The competitors though have less number of people logged in they do have open doors for advertising which increase their revenue generation. The amount of revenue collected by Twitter increased from $45 million in 2010 to $ 165 million in 2011. In addition, Twitter is less intrusive and is not as such more involving setting up an account due to less personal information needed. Nevertheless, Twitter has a 140 character limit which might constrain the users` diversity of sharing information.
Facebook has been liked by many users due to its capacity of sharing information, organizing events and occasions, reaching a magnitude of people, keeping in touch and target advertising. And through the process of product development the site is improved giving good quality of services to its users to its users. It is worth noting that the special features of Facebook and their simplicity in applications are what make it tick over the competitors (Andy, 2009, P. 3).
Competitive positioning by Facebook
In analyzing the competitive positioning of Facebook in the so...
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