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My Experience While Taking The Thematic Independent Studies (Essay Sample)


1. Reflect your academic learning achieved during the TIS course and your personal development and engagement in employability activities.

2. Write 1000 words which summarise how and what you have learnt about your research skills, and your personal development engagement in employability activities while studying at the University of Greenwich and which addresses the specific questions outlined in the template below.

3. You may write your reflection in ‘first person’ narrative, and although you need not to include any academic content, if you do, please use Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.

4. Submit your reflective commentary on VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet. 


Reflective Report
While taking a new course, I try my best to ensure that I am in my right mind so that I can grasp the essence and gist of what is being taught. It is always in my interest to learn new things and to try and grow while being a part of the new class. Therefore, as I began this course, I wanted to gain insight into everything that was being taught. My aim was to be a part of the class and to try my best to engage the teacher as much as I can. Every year, I try and assess myself and find my weak points or any areas I need to work and improve on. These can range from personal to course-related areas which have initially been an issue for me. My aim has always been to improve myself and to ensure that I am well able to handle anything that comes my way. Therefore, below is a deep elucidation of how my experience while taking the Thematic Independent Studies course has been.
Personal Assessment
One of the areas which am always keen on while taking a new course is my discipline in attending tutorials. Initially, I had a problem with consistently attending tutorials, and this was part of my problem because I was behind my classmates almost all the time. I wanted to change this habit, and when we started this course, my mind was made up: I was going to attend every tutorial. While eventually, I ended up missing a few, my attendance rate increased, and I found myself playing catch up on only one or two occasions. I sought for a change in the way I carried myself, and while it was challenging at first, I did manage to attend more tutorials than I had initially attended.
The other area I sought to improve was participation in class. This mainly includes asking the TIS supervisor for support. In my previous classes, I had a problem connecting with my supervisors, and therefore, most of the time I found myself doing things I was not supposed to or following the wrong instructions. However, while taking this course, I purposed to engage with my instructor/supervisor and sta

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