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Events Management Research: The Mental Health Foundation (Essay Sample)


This is the next step for the previous one you did orphan children project.However the tutor didnt like it at all, and i will put the comments here so you develop it better and more i dont want to fail the course.So the comments of him:You need to take notes in class, read the syllabus, and also the rubric. Seriously! There is not enough detail here in many of the key areas asked for in the rubric. The concept is not well developed at all, there is little justification, or any strong evidence of research. 
You also need to engage with your lecturer far more. This submission looks far too last minute.
REQUIREMENTS OF ESSAY: Develop your Event Management Outline into a Event Design Plan for your event. (You can 
model your plan on a Marketing Plan: Ensure you develop the Overview and Context, Objectives, Target Market, 7P’s, 
Budget, Risk analysis, measurement for success Stakeholder analysis. (3,500 words +/- 10%).You will be able to see all slides and you can find everything from there.Be really carefull give lots of details,key areas he need and give good clarification .I will also put the report outline which previous writer did which me and my teacher wasnt satisfied at all but develop it and give more details and make sure you read rubric what gives more points for this report.the report outline was about orphan children event in hyde park.I will atach it you just have to further develop it.I will put slides that you have to read , rubric is there and i will send you all requirements and attach them.Also will send you all messages i sent to previous writer.
Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?): Strong professional presentation. Good structure and narrative, references.
here is the rubric:
Concept -Full Marks
20.0 pts
Marketing 4P's-Full Marks
30.0 pts
Marketing service P's-Full Marks
25.0 pts
Finance-Full Marks
15.0 pts
PresentationFull Marks
10.0 pts
Message history (#00043349)
2016-07-16 21:10:00 Me -> Writer
Forgot to mention,also mention the ones who will come to ur event, who are they, how many people etc.Are you going to invite them,how they will know when event will be there.Is it private event?or what.
2016-07-19 11:55:00 Me -> Writer
HI, i got further information from teacher about the outline.So there should be context, time,place-why there?, stake holder analysis, target market,operations,finance, risk,background ,brand,company opportunity .So these should be in outline definitely!Thanks.
2016-07-21 21:30:00 Me -> Writer
All events should be in London only.
2016-07-21 21:31:00 Writer -> Me
2016-07-21 21:42:00 Me -> Writer
Is it cultural thing?social or what?is it vip visits?does it give free drinks and food?how much is for drinks or sits if many rooms?arrival of guests?ypur stake holder analysis and other things are ok.Do u have support services?What is motivation in your event motivators?mention your structure of demand.political implications?is is developmental implication?mention operational views.and financials there.whats your input and output.whats the specialty from other events?whats your strategic event plan?whats your vision(long term goals) and mission(he task at hand - Each event has a unique mission - Reason/objectives for the event - Fulfilment of a business/other need)?Who are our participants (audience)? • What participant needs are we satisfying? • What are the organisers trying to achieve? • Focuses team on one common goal.The general nature of event?purpose?how should it operate?whats your SMART OBJECTIVES?(SPECIFIC,MEASURABLE,REALISTIC,TIME SPECIFIC)Introduce new idea to the market.who are supporters wh they should support you,what is internel strength and weaknesses.What are main rules in event?Everything that i wrote are from slides ive sent you.Please be carefull.
the previous report outline has been attached : orphans documents.Please develop it ,read rubric it its also attached (it will guide you to get points), i didnt like the report outline the previous writer did so im satisfied with your work please do your best.Read the report outline document and follow all instructions and do more resarch follow the comments of my teacher as well,thank you.
If u have questions .ask me now so it wont be too late for everything.
You just have to develop the report outline and the ideas of previous writer.And follow the things i have put.


Events Management
Institution of affiliation
Events Management
The Mental Health Foundation notes that there at least 55,000 deaths caused by Suicide in the European Union. A whooping 6,000 of these occur in the UK and Ireland. In the UK, it is the leading cause of death for people within the 20-34 age bracket. Statistics indicated that this trend is on the rise at an average rate of 4% per annum. Men are at an even greater risk of committing suicide. The demographic between 45-59 years are at the greatest risk. Men are less likely to seek help when faced with suicidal thoughts compared to women. Suicide is also heavily stigmatised against by society CITATION Men16 \l 1033 (Mental Health Foundation, 2016).
Individuals who commit suicide often are parents. Their deaths leave these children as orphans or with single parents. It is critical to find avenues through which these children can be supported. It is in the interest of humanity to ensure their protection and thus the preservation of our species CITATION Coh00 \l 1033 (Cohen, 200). Orphaned children often lack opportunity due to the death of both of their parents. The death of parents has a significant impact on the psyche of any human being adults or otherwise. This impact is even more pronounced in children CITATION Koz13 \l 1033 (Kozlova, 2013). The psychological trauma that affects the children can last into adulthood impacting the decisions they make and their capability to perform in a dynamic environment. Parental deaths often lead to feelings of abandonment by the children. In their quest to feel the void left by parents, children may turn to drugs and social vices CITATION NAB04 \l 1033 (NABORS, 2004).
In the face of such evidence, it is crucial to contemplate solutions to these problems. It is however, impossible to stop death or in any way attempt to predict its onset. The best solution would be to provide ameliorative measures to the orphaned children. Providing them with mechanisms to adjust to life without their parents and in a manner sharing the burden of grief with them. The Samaritans is a non-profit organisation incorporated as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation that offers support to individuals whom may have suicidal thoughts. The charity provides them with an avenue through which they can have conversations with individual and reduce their tension. This service allows them to support these individuals and reduce deaths from suicide.
The Opportunity – Orphaned Children – Survivor
Children who are orphaned early in life face difficulty coping as they grow older. Research has proven that children whose parents commit suicide are up to 3 more times just as likely to commit suicide in their adulthood. This signifies the impact of a parent's death on the psychology of a young child. In childhood, a child's mind is still mutable in the process of being formed. As such, the death of parent creates a huge rift in their ability to conceptualize abstract notions. The parent denotes love, authority, provision and security to the child. Their death thus leads the child to question these notions CITATION Smi05 \l 1033 (Smith, 2005).
It would be difficult to adequately drench grief from the child's soul. However, it is possible to share it. In sharing this grief, allow the child opportunity to grieve and deal with their emotions. There is a need to avail an opportunity for children and adults who were orphaned as children to come together. The event would allow them opportunity to interact and share their stories. The event would be specifically for Orphan children due to suicide CITATION Tra14 \l 1033 (Anon., 2014). The highlight of the event would be a talk from a respected (an individual that children already know) person who could talk to the children about grief, ...
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