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Is the emergence of Bitcoin good or bad for the investor? (Essay Sample)


I have found three references below, and you can refer to some of them. These references may not be used if they are not applicable to papers.
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Bouoiyour, J. and Selmi, R. (2016). Bitcoin: A beginning of a new phase?. [online]
Available at: https://www(dot)researchgate(dot)net/profile/Refk_Selmi/publication/305810738_Bitcoin_A_beginning_of_a_new_phase/links/57a2f6da08aeef8f31203c2f.pdf
Al-Khazali, O. (2018). The impact of positive and negative macroeconomic news surprises: Gold versus Bitcoin. [online] Available at: http://www(dot)accessecon(dot)com/Pubs/EB/2018/Volume38/EB-18-V38-I1-P36.pdf


Is Bitcoin Good or Bad for the Investor?
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Is Bitcoin Good or Bad for the Investor?
Bitcoin refers to a form of new currency that was developed by an unknown individual; going by the nickname of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It has been classified as a digital cryptocurrency that does not require middlemen such as banks to transact. Since its development bitcoin is starting to become formal following its usage in paying bills, shopping and other forms of online transaction. Bitcoin is also gaining ground because they are not tied to any regulation or controlled by any country, In addition, the use of bitcoin has become popular in shopping since they do not attract credit card fees. Also, people have started investing in bitcoins hoping they their prices will skyrocket. The price of bitcoin has grown from $1000 to $19000 within a period of 2 years. Today a single bitcoin is worth $8000. This is an indication that the coin is highly volatile, and making it a risky investment. For this reason, there has been an endless debate on whether bitcoin is a valuable investment or not. The answer to this question depends with whom you ask. The one with the vision of a covered future with the lack of centralized bosses becomes key to an asset value are likely to respond with a yes, whereas the group which has remained conventional and put more value in traditional trust will advise against investing in bitcoin. 

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