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Driverless Vehicles: Benefits And Issues (Essay Sample)

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Driverless Vehicles
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A lot of changes have been taking place in society in regard to the world of technology. Unimaginable innovations are currently being made resulting in both negative and positive impacts of the lives of individuals. Among such is the innovation of driverless cars which have their benefits and issues.
One of the benefits of driverless cars is that it will reduce the number of accidents that result from human errors. Computers are known to make errors and therefore, the chances of accidents will be low (Westcott, 20174). Human beings make mistakes such as driving when a drug or driving for long hours without getting a rest.
In addition, the cars will act as a blessing to the elderly and handicapped. In most cases, such citizens are not in a position to drive themselves. However, through the use of computers to drive cars, it will be possible for them to move around with their cars (Anon, 2018).
Among the issues associated with driverless cars is the idea of people losing their jobs. A large number of indi

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