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Discrimination Against Female Employees In Terms Of Pay (Essay Sample)


Evaluate the evidence for discrimination against female employees in terms of pay.”
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Discrimination against Female Employees In Terms Of Pay
Men are paid more than women in nearly every occupation. There is substantial evidence for the vast pay gap that exists between men and women. This paper investigates and evaluates the difference in wages between the genders, and identifies and explains the differences that include occupation, age, level of educational qualifications and other relevant factors. The paper also debates and emphasizes areas where action is needed to address this complex issue cohesively, and what social pressures and norms effect and influence the kinds of occupations and careers that women and men pursue, and therefore the wages that both genders are paid.
Wage Scales for Men and Women
Men earn more than women in both full time and part-time jobs. The hourly pay for full time employees’ in 2016 was 18.1% less for women than for men, while part time female employees earned 9.4% less than men in most instances. However, in some part time jobs, women earned 6% more than men. The trend is rapidly changing because more women are acquiring professional degrees than men. Despite having the same degrees and having identical job responsibilities, women who are joining the workforce still maintain that they will be paid less than men. The social security system also favors men because working women pay 22% more tax on every paycheck than men.
There are several contributory facts for this constant disparity that includes instinctive partiality, work-related or professional segregation where women are hired in lower paying jobs and do not have equal representation with men in higher paying jobs. Women are also given lower starting salaries than men, and they are not promoted as rapidly as men. There is not enough institutional support for women, and policies must be made and implemented for creating equal rights for women. The policies must necessitate child care and paid leaves for solving family issues.
Women in male dominated professions
However, if women working in their existing jobs in male-dominated occupations like female civil engineers were given the same scale as male engineers that would close 68% of the pay gap between men and women. One other way for measuring the effect of occupation is to estimate what would happen if the collective gender gap were equalized, and if the earnings of both genders were equal in all professions. That would balance earnings within occupations, and each profession would matter much more than standardizing the scope of every occupation.
The singularity is not only in low-skilled and low paid professions and women must educate themselves out of the gender pay gap, and acquire formal credentials. However, despite women performing better than men in the acquisition of educational qualifications, they are still paid less than men in most occupations. Men who have a high school degree still earn more than women who attended college but did not graduate. The gap has grown since 2000 and still persists in many occupations and in most companies that hire both men and women.
Figures showing wage gaps
The figures regarding gender pay gaps of UKs largest companies show that nearly all the companies that employed both genders, paid men more than women for the same jobs. In these companies around 7% of women were being the same as men while 13% women were earning more than men.
(Palumbo & Guibourg, 2018)
The gender wage gap exists partly because of the collective influence of many factors during the course of a woman’s life w...

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